Dog Training in London: Consultation on separation anxiety Dog training and consultations in London. London dog listener Nigel Reed attending a consultation with a family who own…

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  1. @AdzDoug Hi there, straight away as well as the walk the dog video I have
    done as well, get the communication in straight away so you do not have
    problems in these areas. Good luck 🙂

  2. Perhaps in some cases at the beginning, but it starts off in stages by just
    getting the dog to stay for five seconds, then ten seconds, fifteen seconds
    etc and building it up slowly until the dog does not mind you going out. In
    this case the dog just needed the lesson of being ignored to settle.
    (looking is communication, not looking is saying I don’t need you. These
    owners constantly looked at the dog hence why she always followed. Now she
    does not and they can go out stress free.

  3. Who said anything about dominance? I have read peoples ‘studies’ which
    argue domestic animals do not regard humans as part of the pack which
    baffles me as I regard my dog as part of my family and I believe she looks
    at me the same, someone has to make the decisions to fulfil needs and if I
    am not doing it then she will have to.that in a world she does not
    understand. As you can see the dog and human end up communicating so the
    dog does not worry.All theories are subjective and nothing is fact !

  4. Yes, but originally it was captive wolves that were studied. These studies
    originally came from a simulated environment, which is the wrong place, for
    a start. Dogs have changed a lot from wolves and although there are
    definitely still traits dogs have inherited from their ancestors, the have
    also changed a great deal too. A wild group of wolves form a pack to
    enhance their chances of survival. Why would domesticated dogs do the same?
    All animals have the same basic needs, that is a moot point.

  5. Perception is a funny thing, just so you know the dog in the video didn’t
    always have separation anxiety like many of the dogs I have helped and
    worked with it learnt to with the wrong communication being done by the
    owners . Rather than use distraction methods or physical objects like a
    cage we understood that all animals have an inbuilt psychology and if you
    learn what the animals nature is then you can learn how to work with it
    rather than against it e.g cages

  6. This has been an interesting debate but will have to leave it as we will
    not convince each other and I am not looking to either. I am writing a book
    at the mo and must concentrate on my goal and not get too distracted. Alpha
    is a word I do not use any more because of the negative connotation but a
    dog with an over developed sense of responsibility that is fearful of the
    owner leaving will try and stop that. A job of a human parent is to
    protect, find food and to nurture the young.

  7. The same as a wolf / dingo parent and what we believe is the same as a dog
    who has been communicated that they are in charge. Agreed dogs learn
    through operant conditioning as well as accumulative experience but we
    believe there is more to psychology from their ancestors and what dingos
    have gone back to doing than just pavlonian conditioning. We may have taken
    this animal out of its environment but the needs are the same. The dog is
    trying to keep the pack safe that is why she follows them to

  8. see if they are okay because needs affect behaviour. Conditioning may help
    this to but it is a form of reductionism. This is the last thing I have to
    say on it as want to help many dogs and debating with you won’t help that
    cause. Good luck in what you do but I would recommend that the study of
    nature leaves all trails of evidence of what is happening and the reasons
    behind it. Careful looking with the study of them in their natural
    environment provides great foundations to learning.

  9. Thank you for making this video… my pit bull suffers from separation
    anxiety and she has damaged the house pretty bad. My biggest concerns are
    taking her somewhere else and having to leave her there for a couple
    hours…it makes me terrified! I will definitely try out your techniques.
    Thank you for the different perspective; it totally makes sense!

  10. Hi there, we recently adopted a 9 month old golden retriever. She is a
    lovely happy and playful dog but when we go out she becomes quite
    distressed and upset. This also happens when we leave the room, if i go
    down the hallway and am no longer in eyesight she becomes distressed. She
    is large so she needs to sleep outside but the barking and scratching is
    becoming a issue at the moment. please help.

  11. So this is why my dog can’t stop barking… but really, I can’t figure a
    way to make her stop barking when I leave with my other dog. Do I leave and
    come many times? I’m kinda lost xD Oh, and btw, great vid – I really don’t
    understand why you only have 7 videos…. Am I missing sthg?

  12. Ah, I see, I managed to get the book and I’ll give it a try. Thanks for the
    tips, I’ll watch the other vids and read the book, and then I’ll ask again
    🙂 Good luck!

  13. Hi Pippa, don’t worry you are on the right path, If the dog starts up at 10
    minutes then be back again at 9 mins as many times as needed to break the
    pattern and build it up. Sounds like you are making progress but it needs
    to be built up more and more slowly. If you get home and something is
    broken, do not say anything, just carry on ignoring and then speak to her
    when you are ready. Get the book or dvd The dog listener by Jan Fennell for
    more info as this is only part of the answer! GOOD LUCK!

  14. Just took on a yearling Black Lab x Collie who suffers from the problem.
    Wasn’t sure how to deal with quickly before he hurt himself so thanks for
    uploading the video. He’s a big brainer so I’m sure he’ll cotton on quickly

  15. Nigel !!! i have a question im going back to school in 2 week i have a dog
    just got him for christmas … i want to know leave him in the house but i
    dont want him to wonder were every on and how do he goo to the bathroom out
    side if the door need to be close
    ????????????????????????????????????????????????? HELP

  16. We have 2 dachshunds and they are exactly the same. I cant go upstairs or
    they bark and scratch the door and throw themselves at it. I have tried a
    citronella collar and although it helps it doesnt stop them. If we go out
    even for just half an hour they wee and poo on the floor. I have always
    made sure i do not make a fuss going out or coming home and never make eye
    contact when doing so but its not working. One dog is 2 and the other one
    is 10 months. We have open plan kitchen/dining room where we leave them. I
    hate the thought of crating them and when i tried it with the first dog she
    continuously peed in it despite it also being her bed.
    Wish i had never got a dog if im honest. 

  17. I got my first dog as a puppy and I’ve had him for 9 years and we could
    leave him alone without trouble. But he died two weeks ago and since we
    couldn’t get used to not having a dog, we went to a shelter and adopted the
    sweetest Cocker Spaniel I have ever seen. He is gentle, well educated, and
    untill yesterday he had never barked. But when I left him upstairs
    yesterday so I could go out for 2 hours, he just barked without stopping
    for half an hour. And now he barks even when I just go to the toilet and
    close the bathroom door… It drives my dad crazy and he says he has to go
    back to the shelter and I REALLY don’t want that.

  18. I just act the same when I go out as if I am going to take the bins out or
    get something from the car, my collie is fine but does get up to a little
    mischeif with things from the kitchen worktops, then again he just teaches
    us to be tidier 🙂 He’s getting used to it, it makes things a lot easier
    if they have plenty of things to chew or play with. My dog likes mauling a
    bit of sheepskin, and he likes playing with a treat ball with variable
    sized pieces in it (bits of ham stay in there for ages!) plus a couple of
    rawhide chews. I absolutely cannot stand people putting dogs in crates and
    leaving them there for several hours, I think it is very cruel when they
    can barely turn round. If the dog needs restricting at least give them a
    whole room such as the kitchen and make it as dog proof as possible with
    lots of toys and appropriate chews. 

  19. enjoyed this video, well done. it’s much more realistic and actually easier
    to apply to your pet. then the popular tv shows we see

  20. bloody amazing……just did it ten times with my dog…first four times
    frantic panting and wiating by door, by time 6 was lieing down and had
    head cocked up toward door by time 10 hardly noticed….extended last four
    from 3, 5,7,10 secs….may be on the road with practice: calmness,
    consistency and convincing…..thanks

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