How to Crate Train your Puppy The First Step in Potty Training

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25 comments on “How to Crate Train your Puppy The First Step in Potty Training

  1. This video is really good with explaining how to crate your puppy. I’m
    getting a six week old puppy today and I am in charge of crate/ potty
    training him. -_-

    I love this video and will request that my family watches it too. Thanks!

  2. I’am getting a hound/pit mix male puppy and im super excited but also
    scared! Its 8 weeks old, should I start crate training him now? Should I
    let him sleep with me a couple nights? The longest my puppy would be alone
    is 2-3 hours, do I let him stay in the crate for the whole time? and w/ the
    door open or closed? Please help lol :(

  3. Mo did well with the crate last night. We had done everything you said
    except for the cover on top. We had heard some dogs get upset because they
    can’t see. We also play soft music and have a small light on so she can
    see. Until last night, she was having trouble, but last night she settled
    down :). 

  4. I’ve noticed that there are no toys in the crate. I’ve put a pillow and dog
    toys in our crate. Is that a problem ? Thanks 

  5. Thank you so much for this <3 I just got an 8 weeks old sammy 3 days ago.
    Is it too early to crate train? Does he need to trust me a bit first?

  6. +Gone to the Snow Dogs I need to talk to you privately concerning about my
    puppy. I would really appreciate it! Thanks! 

  7. Ok I’m about to get a 8 week old pitbull puppy are they hard to train I
    have a small dog and she didn’t want anything to do with a crate but I need
    the new puppy to be crate trained please help!!

  8. hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to uncover what is best way to house
    train a puppy try Alkarno Puppy Alchemist (just google it ) ? Ive heard
    some amazing things about it and my mate got great results with it.

  9. Oh hey! Have you tried – Carwyn Turbo Potty Training (just google it)? Ive
    heard some pretty good things about it and my sister got amazing results
    with it. 

  10. We have a new 8 week old puppy. She is a great dog but we can not get a
    handle on her peeing. Seems like every 5-10 mins she has to go if she isn’t
    sleeping. I think I did a no no. We put her in a crate the first night and
    she woke up the entire house. Including my toddler. So I put the puppy in
    bed with us. Figured she was scared. 1 week later she is still keeping my
    husband and I up but not because of barking. It’s because she is nibbling
    my butt, or scratching our face as she stretches. UGH!
    Her name is Christmas Eve (Aka EVE) She is a White lab/Black mouth cur mix.
    She will sleep all night long till about 6-6:30 then she needs to potty and
    poop. She has peed in her kennel a bunch of times. Tore the potty pads up
    and somehow got poop on the wall outside of her kennel when we were not
    Since she is 8 weeks she should be able to hold her pee for 2 hrs? But she
    will pee every 10 mins if not less. We will take her out to pee in only one
    area. She will go and we come back inside. within 5 mins she is peeing
    again. -__- . I don’t know what to do anymore. 


  12. We have an 8 week old Shepard/Lab mix. She has no issues with the crate
    until we leave. As soon as we do, she SCREAMS as if she was being tortured.
    We leave her be, but the screaming goes on for hours. This has gone on for
    the first week we’ve had her. Nobody in the house gets any sleep. How long
    will this go on? What can I do? 

  13. Your videos are very helpful with my very first husky. Potty
    training,biting during play, and jumping on people some things she needs
    working on.

  14. Wait.i though menfes was already grown O-0 or did yu get a new puppy and
    name it the same ? SO CONFUSED D;

  15. Thanks for the video i find it very helpful, I’m getting my first husky
    puppy this week i have never owned a dog before but watching you will help
    me a lot

  16. My 11 week old husky is pretty much crate trained, until it comes to me
    leaving the room, she’ll even wake up out of skeeo to cry just to get out
    to get to me (I do not take her out when she cries, though). I need to know
    how to stop this because I need to be able to out her in the crate for when
    I have to leave the house (never more than an hour) Please help 

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