How to Train Labrador Retrievers Labrador Retriever Training with Ted Hoff “World Class Dog Trainer”. Trains Black Labrador Retriever, Mae. Great demonstr…

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  1. I think you mean AESTHETIC quality. And she’s not, Mae is an excellent
    example of a field labrador (also called the American type). They tend to
    be leaner than the English/show type, which are stockier and have blocky

  2. I love how you can hear the affection in his voice, and that he NEVER
    raises his voice!´╗┐

  3. My husand and I are excited to have a Chocolate labrador puppy be part of
    our family by beginning of next month (they have not been born yet), and
    will be a of English breed, thank you SO MUCH for this, I am researching
    and learning how to properly train our puppy to be a happy and obedient
    dog! I have a question, I understand english breeds are more show dogs and
    American breeds are field dogs (hunting/field trials), out of curiosity…
    can english breed easily be trained for hunting as well (not for trials, my
    husband wants to get back into the hunting and we were just curious on

  4. Labs = dogs that can find water in a dry desert. They luv snow!!! They’re
    goofy. Bombproof. The perfect outdoorsy person’s kind of dog. Greeeaatt
    dogs. ´╗┐

  5. Hi I have recently purchased a yellow lab and he is about 2 months old. He
    was rescue dog from an animal shelter and seems to be very nervous at
    times. He is not very hyper, more so laid back. He responds okay to a
    little stuffed toy my wife purchased and he also seems to get frustrated
    and quit on me when training with treats. Any pointers, I want to try using
    a correction chain(is he too young to use that on, also don’t want him to
    be afraid of me and attempt to run from me). Any pointers would be greatly
    appreciated. Thanks in advance. You can reply to my email´╗┐

  6. This is a terrific demonstration of a perfectly trained and obedient
    dog…. mine is 6 months old, and an absolute ASSHOLE on the leash. He’s a
    perfect gentleman in every other category, but outside, on a leash, he’s
    the devil. Not aggressive or anything, but I might as well not be there.´╗┐

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