How to Potty Train a Puppy

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25 comments on “How to Potty Train a Puppy

  1. My dog (no idea what she is) even when she was a puppy never pissed or took
    a dump in the house. Except during a thunderstorm. She, I swear to god,
    knew her name after being in my house for 2 days

  2. i love how always the things u need are stuff like confidence and shit and
    the optional things are actuall this case a leash.

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  4. haha i got a german sheherd smartest of ya all ha unless those who have
    poddles and border collies

  5. i got a norgi puppy {yes the name is norgi}CUTEST THING KNOWN TO MAN
    KIND…..but he wont use the restroom

  6. I got a 5 month old Corgi. I have had him for 4 weeks and i dont work atm
    so i spend all my time on the dog. I moderate his food and water, i let him
    out as soon as i wake up, about 1 hour after each feeding of breakfast
    lunch and dinner. He goes successfully each time i let him out without fail
    so thats 4 poops and pees a day and he still pisses in the house at about 1
    hour or so ag

  7. My bulldog is very smart it listens when told to do something it longboards
    opens doors and more

  8. My Gish their smarter than all of us so if their not the smartest dogs.
    They no more than you so ha

  9. I’m trying to train my puppy but it’s not working and I need to do that in
    a week. Or my parents are going to give her away I tried everything it just
    does not work I wish she could go outside.I NEED HELP

  10. My Jack Russle Tarrier puppy only pees on the carpet but never where I want
    her to. She would literally hold her pee for an hour when I’m outside but
    once we walk inside she pees.

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