1. What the hell! I can barely get my 4 month old pit to sit and give me his
    paw and I thought I was badass :(

  2. OMG–please come to northern New Mexico! Kimba needs help. I love my little
    pit bully mix rescue dog, but I think he was incarcerated too long to
    learn from the likes of a non-trainer like me. I sooo need him to at least
    come when called. Sin is amazing! Bless you both.

  3. this an amazing example of the breed. the only problem i had with this
    video is that it makes me miss my pit. 

  4. I’ve seen smarter.
    This one time on TV I saw a pit bull singing with Keisha, ugliest pit bull
    I’ve ever seen though!

  5. My hats off to the trainer and owner. Now if you want a real challenge
    PLEASE come train my dog she is a Bluetick coonhound just turned 5 months
    old she is very smart but in a way that gets her into trouble 

  6. Pit Bulls may not be the smartest breed, but they sure are willing to
    please their owners, making obedience training fairly easy, as long as you
    know what you’re doing. Keep their minds busy with these ‘tricks’, or at
    least basic obedience, and they make great pets for almost any household.
    I’ll probably never have any other breed besides Pit Bulls and Pit mixes.

  7. Wow… My pitties are pretty awesome but Sin is amazing!! She knows so many
    commands. Way to go!! :)

  8. *This is good, not some damn fight thing, this is real training, this is
    what every dog should be trained for not some shit thing*

  9. its not even like you tought her tricks!! it likes you tought her english!!
    it amazed me when you said paw, then other.

  10. She is beautiful! Very clever, got so much intelligence, you can see it the
    way she looks at you :)

  11. Pit bulls are NOT inherently more aggressive than any other comparable
    breed. Their bodies are stout and they have a strong bite, but they are not
    naturally aggressive what so ever, people have just used them to fight and
    guard because of their characteristics. Pit Bulls are absolutely fantastic
    dogs. They love to please their owners. Pitbull or blue heeler is the only
    breed i’ll ever own thats a promise

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