The best way to cut your dog’s nails – dog training grooming

A lot of people have been asking me recently how I trim my dogs’ nails. I also show how to get your dogs nails to become shorter, if the pink parts have grow…

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  1. I am in the process of making three tutorials. The first will be on the up
    side down settle. The other two I promise to make are- on cutting black
    nails, and beginning touching the feet and clipping the nails.

  2. I used to cut off large chunks of my dog’s nails. I’ve tried your technique
    of taking little bites instead. She prefers the little bites /small
    shavings method and was more relaxed than usual when we finished up. Thank
    you for that. I am eagerly looking forward to your video on black nails and
    the upside down settle. Love and peace from Canada;)

  3. Would love a video on how to teach the calmness- particularly so that you
    can trim their nails from behind! Also- my dog has black/brown nails and
    so I can’t see the quick. Scary!

  4. I tried trimming my dog’s nails using this position last night and I can
    only say thank you! It was so much easier, I had a much better view of
    what I was doing, she was completely relaxed during (great way to gain
    trust too I think!) and I was finally able to trim her nails properly. 🙂

  5. is your dog a sheltie beacause i have one…he is a sable meral i think
    yours is a bi-blue

  6. I have an old dog and I think cutting his nails “extra short” will make him
    feel more comfortable… he has arthrosis so touching the ground with his
    nails must not help =_= We’ll start training tomorrow with the dremel so he
    enjoys it 🙂 And then we’ll trim all that excess nail ^^
    Thanks for the video, really informative as ever!!! Keep on your great
    great job!!!

  7. Hi kikopup!

    Could you do a tutorial on ear cleaning?? My dog hates it!! Unfortunately
    he is particularly susceptible to ear infections. If he knows I’m coming
    with it, it doesn’t seem to matter if I have the best treat (bologna or
    cheese are his favorites) in my hand! =(

    He might stay for a ball, as catching is absolutely his favorite.. But I
    just don’t know how to do both… 

  8. You and splash make this look so easy, but in THIS house it is not, LOL.
    We have 2 rescues. Our Border Aussie (female) is fairly good about it, so
    I may be able to do this process, but our mini Aussie (male) is TERRIFIED
    of having his feet messed with, and I think it is because before we got him
    they just clipped him quick and all and it was ridiculously painful!
    Aussies have LONG quicks and I have never seen in a tutorial (until now)
    that there was a way to do ANYTHING about this! His claws are too long but
    his quicks are right there with the claw so it can’t be cut without harming
    him, and we refuse to do that as it took long enough to get this rescued
    baby to accept anybody! Plus some of his claws are black and we cannot see
    the quicks at all.

    There is NO way I would get that filing thing near the BC as anything with
    a motor is out of the question. I can’t even use the ‘clippers’ on her fur
    in back, I have to use a scissors to get out the dreadlocks from when she
    swims. Thank you SO much. 

  9. I am working on a 4H dog committee for our county, and am instigating the
    change to 100% positive training for all the dogs that this county works
    with. Would it be alright to use your video on our website of resources for
    the kids? I would love for them to see how you can work with a dog easily
    without restraint, and your pup is such a wonderful example! I am a huge
    fan of all of your videos!

  10. thanks for the video.
    My dog (Leonberger) has all black nails and the quick is hard to see.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks a lot

  11. Have you made the video on trimming black nails yet? I’m really interested
    in that, as both of my dogs are solid black including the nails.

    I loved your video!

  12. Great video! I’d love to see your followup tuturials about teaching the
    calm upside down position and foot handling in general to a dog or a

  13. My shih-tzu’s nails were always horrible. He hated having them done and I
    was scared of hurting him. When he passed and I got my new puppy enjoying
    nail trimming was one of my top things I wanted to train her. Thanks to
    your videos I feel more confident about doing them :)

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