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  1. Hi ­čÖé Good Video thanks, can you please tell me the breeds of those two
    cute puppies the brown and the black ones in the video, thanks in advance.´╗┐

  2. fuck all that shit my dog knows to fuking hold it until she goes outside
    with no training at all.´╗┐

  3. how can I teach my Jack Russell Terrier (4 months old) to go potty (popo
    and pipi) just in the crate as her bathroom ???´╗┐

  4. I did this for weeks and let her off her lease/out of the jail for a few
    hours – 2 times!!, and she pooped all over my carpet! How long am I
    supposed to keep her in jail? I hate this! She just doesn’t get that she
    MUST poop on the pad, and not on my carpet!!!!´╗┐

  5. Are you too lazy to walk your dog? All you are training there is that it’s
    okay to shit inside the house. ´╗┐

  6. You just taught your dog to crap in your house – great job! I bet it looks
    and smells great….´╗┐

  7. I love the idea of potty training a dog. Mine is also potty trained and it
    was quick. AND yes, I clean up immediately. When It’s cold or raining, it’s
    wonderful !! Mine goes in a litter tray with a towel underneath and paper
    on top.´╗┐

  8. LOL Nice it teaches you dog to piss and shit on your floor.How about all
    those shitty pet owners out there get the fuck off your lazy asses stop
    looking for shortcuts and walk your dogs and do it right. idiots that do
    shit like this shouldn’t own a pet.´╗┐

  9. Why would you potty train a dog inside? That just teaches him to go to the
    bathroom inside. When that dog gets older, don’t ask me to come and clean
    your floors.´╗┐

  10. I’m going to tell this, it’s the truth, go ahead and give me your hisses.
    Years ago I was having an extreme problem with a Yellow Lab puppy. My
    girlfriend was trying to paper train him, against my will, and I was taking
    him out, always. This went on for ever. One night I was putting together
    something and had the directions laying on the floor in front of me. The
    Lab puppy came straight over and pissed on the directions. I snapped, I
    know I shouldn’t have. I picked the puppy up by the nap of the neck, like
    your supposed to and put it up against the wall screaming in its face. I
    then opened the door and (just a little roughly) put the dog out of the
    house. Moral of story: the Lab never used the bathroom in the house
    again. It would not use the bathroom in the crate at the Vet’s office when
    he once stayed over night. I’m not a dog trainer. I’m not mean to dogs.
    But I have considered these results and how the mother treats the pups.
    When the pups are welps the mother cleans up after them. But, when they
    are bigger she will roughly put them out of the box, crate, bed (it is all
    a den to them). The Mother will not tolerate it. Why? When the natural
    instincts of (wild dogs) which are still in our tame dogs is to not use the
    Den. The presence will not only make it uncomfortable for them but the
    odor would draw predators. I’m not saying to be mean to your dog but I am
    saying is treat it like it’s mad mother would when it makes pee pee in the

  11. Help! Please! I have a 14 month Cavalier named Lucy and she still is not
    housebroken. I feel like such a failure I just want to cry. Any

  12. Dog4training ,you shoulden’t use training pads because you want to teach
    your dog to go out side and your teaching every body you shoulden’t teach
    your dog to go out side. your bassicly teaching your dog to pee in a room
    in your house and not pee outside and the title clearly states:how to do it
    the right way and it clearly should say the wrong way to potty train your
    dog. you clearly know nothing about dogs.there are lots of clearys and
    teachers in the paragraph.´╗┐

  13. Okay i know it sounds stupid to be preparing yourself for a puppy when you
    dont have one (planning on getting one when older) but you totally stole my
    idea! ­čÖé LOL´╗┐

  14. Okay i was reading the comments and stop pickin on these people. Unlike you
    these people might have reasons for what they do. Ever thought about that?
    Also i think the grass pads are a bad idea because if your walking your dog
    it might think it is okay to go poop on other people lawn unless you do the
    ultimate training

  15. I just got my puppy last night. She uses it a lot I want her to be house
    potty trained she won’t go outside. I tried to get her to she won’t. So we
    are buying. A crate. I just need to know is the crate the right idea or
    should I just try to do the outside thing ´╗┐

  16. For those “experts” stating its a bad idea for a puppy to be potty trained
    inside, may i ask how am i suppose to take her outside when she needs potty
    every 1 or 2 hours?´╗┐

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