Tactical Explosive Detection Dog Training

Footage of U.S. Army Sgt. Coma and his handler, Spc. Alex Serna, go through a quick odor training at Forward Operating Base Tagab, Kapisa Province, Afghanist…

2 comments on “Tactical Explosive Detection Dog Training

  1. Don’t mean to take a cheap shot but not quite sure what the point of this
    video is. Detection dog doing a search of an area on a long line. No
    intense searching behavior. Slow to indicate, looks edited. The indication
    is loosely directed at the handler, not at source. Source is not well
    indicated it almost appears to be a fringe…
    And where is the “tactical” component? No tight directed off leash stand
    off type work. Handler is always close to dog. No particular intensity or
    drive on the dogs part. Hate to be so critical. Passable work, but far from
    impressive. Sorry, but why was this posted? 

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