Dog Training & Care : How to Train a Chihuahua

To train a Chihuahua, avoid using harsh choke collars that could damage their sensitive trachea, and avoid petting them when they jump up. Praise a Chihuahua…

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  1. thx for the tips but now I have another problem,,,, my chihuahua bites when
    playing and stuff eventhough she’s almost one years old

  2. Why does he have a collar on this dog when he’s aware of this breed’s
    potential trachea problems? Chi owners, get a harness – my dog loves hers,
    much more comfortable, too.

  3. He didn’t knock him over he is doing the right thing the right way,i would
    ssy thst’s more of a gentle nudge…agree?I like the way this guy trains

  4. i’m not so sure about your ability to train your dog when you have him on a
    leash. i’ve owned several dogs and i’ve never owned a leash. when we go for
    a walk they just follow me. i never taught them that. if they wander off i
    just call them. if you dog has the tendency to run away when he goes
    outside without a leash, he is probably unhappy and feels restricted and
    has no freedom. treat your dog with respect and you’ll get respect back

  5. thank im getting a chhuahua in 2 weeks and i need to know how to take care
    of him 🙂

  6. i think its better to use a harness than a collar for chihuahuas. Ther
    trachea (neck) of the Chi is made up of rings of cartridge (not bone) and
    these are fragile.

  7. Its wrong all so very wrong.. nugging off isnt a deterrent. they think its
    playing. you have to stand up and ignore the undesirable behavior and
    reward them when they are doing what pleases you. 🙂 and the leash not the
    best idea.. 

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