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  1. Sure they do. In the beginning I use rewards/treats liberally. (I like the
    freeze dried liver products.) Once I’m confident the dog knows the
    behavior, I start substituting other treats… (voice and touch). When a
    training session ends, I release the puppy and engage them in some sort of
    fun activity like swimming or fetching. In the end, the biggest reward for
    the dog is being so well behaved his owners have no excuse NOT take him

  2. In the beginning, I do short sessions in the beginning… 5-10 minutes. By
    the time the pups are 11-12 weeks of age, I’m working them about 20 minutes
    a session. I try to work them at least twice day. The more you do the
    quicker the pup comes along. In addition to the obedience training, each
    pup gets a fair amount of on-leash time. I think being able to walk your
    dog controlled and comfortably (no pulling) on a leash is the foundation
    for all future training.

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  4. Awesome! My puppy is about 3.5 months old and I can’t get her to behave
    well. Perhaps I’m not consistent when it comes to training. However, what
    it is the MOST difficult thing for us is how to get her to poop on a leash.
    To day we have a house and although she doesn’t poop straight after she
    eats she always poops in the same place (by the way we’ve been living in
    Brazil). But we will move to a flat very soon. Scary thoughts come when it
    comes pooping. Would you have any advice? Thanks! 

  5. Bruno… puppies are tough, that’s for sure. I’d recommend working with a
    local trainer. For the pooping, you could try a small exercise pen. When
    you think he needs to go, just put him in the exercise pen. He should be
    more comfortable going without the leash on him. let me know how it goes.

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