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  1. Soooo…. you’ve used your name/fame to provide a misleading video label to
    get me to watch an infomercial for your fund raiser… I’m all about crowd
    sourcing but this feels like a midnight infomercial…

  2. 0:38 the water Is incredibly still behind you, I saw this In Game Of
    Thrones too.. way to many greenscreen fails even In Game Of Thrones

  3. love it! I love my pitties but most trainers that I’ve used recommend prong
    collars, spray bottles and other negative training methods. Looking forward
    to contributing and interacting! Doing it now

  4. Getting a puppy in a few weeks <3 I've been doing research on dogs for many
    months now, and I can't wait! I'm one of your younger viewers (13 years),
    and I just wanted to say that I find your videos are great and easy to
    understand, even for a young'un like me xD . If you haven't already, could
    you do a video on picking a puppy or could you maybe do a video on other
    positive trainers that I could check out?

    I look forward to more obedience videos, and I'll try to scrape some money
    together to donate! My weekly allowance doesn't pay for much, but this is a
    more than worthy cause.


  5. This is awesome! You’ve been SO helpful to me and my relationship with my
    dog, I’m excited to support you in this way! :)

  6. You’ve helped me and my dog, Bella a lot with your videos. I think I can
    swing a couple of bucks a month and a shout out on Facebook.

  7. Good job Zak! I like your videos very much, so keep them coming 🙂 wish
    you all the best in the future

  8. Just in the last 6 weeks of having our street rescue (battered broken and
    hungry), you have helped us leaps and bounds with our little pup from play
    biting to having the perfect walk (206 steps today!!!). We are absolutely
    on board! 

  9. I am 14 years old and your videos have helped me understand and train my
    dog so much…thank you. 

  10. I love your videos!
    I just adopted a puppy from austin pets alive in austin tx a few months ago.
    i am trying to only use positive reinforcement training with him.
    he is a super stubborn crazy mouthy jumping spaz pup but i love him.
    i’ve trained 2 pits and 2 chihuahuas but he is hardest.
    he will do his commands for me and most of the time for my boyfriend.
    he goes super crazy whenever we have company over and it;s like he puts up
    a wall and can’t hear or see me he just wants to get to the person. i’m
    gonna start treat and clicker training on him. fingers crossed. he also
    started thinking he needs to try to go after trucks.
    i wish i had money for training classes or to do your 2$ dog training
    secrets but money is super tight right now.

  11. Zak I love EVERY SINGLE thing you do for us dog owners (lovers) and for the
    dogs, I can just feel your enthusiasm for dogs and dog training jump
    through my computer screen. I will always be a fan of the work you
    accomplish through positive reinforcement!!!! :)

  12. For those who dont know this guy in a amazing trainer and man . Donating
    will help go a long way to making this world a better place in my honest
    opinion and if you havnt seen his dog training video’s i really think you
    should go check them out . it will show you why i have such huge faith in
    this mans abilities 

  13. I’m a huge dog lover. I can’t get one currently, because I live with my
    parents and go to college, and my parents don’t want a pet. But I’m also a
    huge supporter of you as a dog trainer, Zak. I think you’re doing an
    extremely great job. I’ve seen most of your videos, and positive
    reinforcement really seems the humane way to train dogs. I would be
    hesitant to get a trainer if I had a dog because of the methods they might
    use when I’m not around, but Zak you are a very big inspiration to me. I
    would love to contribute to your patreon but I don’t have an international
    card. I want to become a dog trainer too. If I can’t, I’d be content living
    with dogs and just being around them. Watching Per Revolution’s videos
    makes me so happy, and I hope I can become part of an organisation for
    animals someday. Good luck Mr George! You’re doing an excellent job! 

  14. I Love Dogs, I like that you go to people’s houses and help them with there
    dogs., sorry if this is little personal, but what’s your email?

  15. Sorry if I’m asking to much but, Can you maybe make a video how to let dogs
    not get nervous in cars?
    Thank You

  16. I’m sorry, but the video title is REALLY misleading and click-baity. You’ve
    been such a great guy, honest, up-front about everything, so I’m really
    disappointed with you for this video title right now :-(

  17. I love your videos and I love your idea here. But I HATE anything that
    implies there are “secrets” to dog training. Especially ironic when you
    start out by talking about the scientific basis of training. Good luck
    with the fundraising!

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