The Worlds BEST Manstopping Protection dogs!! with DDK9 .mov Dark Dynasty k9’s Manstoppers We Have been breeding and training …

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  1. For all people that think a german shepard and malinois can stand up to the
    power of these dogs. You must all learn something about dogs. Now i’m not
    telling people to try it. It would be a disaster when such a dog like this
    gets hold of your dogs. I’ve seen it to many time’s even a cop with his
    german shepard got attacked by a pitbull the german shepard barelly
    survived. Now stop being fools these are powerfull and intelligent dogs so
    don’t fool around with these dogs

  2. BAHAHAAHHA worlds best man stopping dog? You can try. But won’t succeed. Go
    with the German shepherd and Belgian Malinois. Might not be stronger, but
    definitely more intelligent, fast, agile, obedient, loyal dogs, with such
    more will to work.

    Their drive and intensity level is insane. Ask the police and military why
    they use these dogs to stand by them in the face of danger, and the
    millions of families all over the world having their homes protected by the
    GSD and Mal.

    They definitely have more potential and more man stopping power. 

  3. I have almost 17 years worth of dog experience. And there is nothing man
    stopping about a pit bull. No matter how big it is. My rott would break its
    neck with in seconds Trianed or not. Pits fight other pits cuz its fair to
    the dogs. You can find dog fight video online. That shows rottweiler win
    every time when taking a pit lime siad befor dont matter the size. 

  4. No, What you are saying is really stupid .This breed weights way more than
    a GDS and also way stronger and smarter .@samtheman cutlass

  5. If you want a bulldog for personal protection, kid’s, go check out an
    American Bandogge…Cross between an American Bulldog & a Mastiff.
    Mine happens to be a Neapolitan mastiff crossed w/ a Blue Nose American Pit
    Bull Terrier. 140 lb.s of Hell on four legs; awaiting command.

  6. Size of a dog does not mean more safe the disadvantage of a dog this big is
    the lack of speed it’s probably faster than a lot of people but on a
    regular bases you could run into someone faster. Dogs like GSDs and mals
    use momentum to bring people down than just relying on size although when
    they catch the person they probably will not escape until told these dogs I
    think would be better suited for home protection than everyday use or if
    you sized them to like 80lbs they would be a lot faster. I bet that an 80lb
    pit is probably stronger than almost all GSDs and a mal could not even come
    close to the strength of it

  7. I want to teach my dog,dog protection training but I’m 13 and I live in San
    Antonio Texas but I really want to train him 

  8. Even though these dogs are not pitbulls I would still love to own them.
    They might be mixes of American Pitbull Terrier, American Staffordshire
    Terrier, Bulldog, or mastiff. The head on them are amazing along with their
    jaws and teeth. These dogs could take down any adult male and they are very
    fast for their size. Even though its clearly muscle. Don’t let the haters
    get to man those pups look good to me and as long they look to you that’s
    all that matters. Most of these people cmenting are a bunch of losers who
    think they know shit just because they had “experience” with dogs. Well
    experience ain’t shit if they were bad experiences. I wanna see them post
    videos of their dog doing this type of training while listening to their
    commands as fluently as yours

  9. Cane corso, Tibetan mastiff, and Napoleon mastiff and better. Oh and can’t
    forget the Anatolian Sheppard dog.

  10. why is the muzzle on him. is he not trained to attack on command? edit: nvm
    i saw that you can get him off attack mode. but why is the muzzle on. is
    because he could be an accident waiting to happen?

  11. I love pitbulls,i want one really bad, but I’m gonna wait until i have the
    money to put mine in training classes like this. 

  12. Definitely a Big Bone GSD or a blockhead female Rotty for pure man stopping
    power. By training real working dogs you would know the difference rather
    than making protection dogs out of “trendy” ear cropped breeds.

  13. Hey I have a american bulldog and I wanted to see if u can train my dog we
    need him for protection and he’s just a big teddy bear plzz help

  14. The man did not say his dog was the best in the world he just demonstrated
    that it will bust your ass. I bet you wouldn’t get in his face or fuck with
    that woman or kid!!!
    On the other hand you are right GS and GM are more intelligent, dependable,
    and trust worthy I think. I had rott whilers and they too are very
    intelligent and loyal.
    I now have a pit bull not a fat ass English bulldog looking bully but the
    real deal pit. Is he smart? Nope! Obedience is good but hard headed as you
    can imagine with that being said I would have to see a GS or GM out run or
    out hit my pit to believe it. He may not stop once he gets started like
    police dogs but I think about it like this if I shoot you I can’t call that
    bullet off or tell it to heal so if I put my dog on you I am not going to
    stop him until he or the criminal quits moving.

  15. you want a natural protection dog get a caucasion sheperd,central asian or
    a Fila Brasilio. Loyal to it’s owner but stangers beware. Caucasion’s are
    the most aggresive dog there is. Central Asian’s move like cats fast &
    quick & most powerful of all those lsgd.

  16. Outstanding! As a former military dog handler i am always impressed by
    those who choose to take on this type of business. Your presentation is
    powerful and you are very unique in your choice of dog. I get it and
    enjoyed your video very much. I wish you much success and do not let
    negative comments deter you for one second from your goal. As someone who
    trained with the best dogs in the world i can say that i see great things
    from your company. 

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