Wizdog potty training – Shih Tzu puppy

Cooper, 7-week old Shih Tzu, pooping on Wizdog indoor dog potty. He was potty trained using Wizdog in less than 5 days. Woohoo! :D.

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  1. He is so cute!!! Gross, yet cute, ive watched this 3 times and i have yet
    to find it disturbing 🙂 im a puppy addict♥

  2. @WhereSheWanders or what you could do is feed your dogs pineapple and that
    makes the poop extremely distasteful.

  3. Pandalloll, that’s good to hear. Keep up the good work and continue what
    you’re doing as it seems to be working. The training does take time and
    your diligence will pay off in the long run. Good job!

  4. @candacetyl Once Cooper arrived at our home, we decided that one of us
    would take a few days off from work to make sure his potty training would
    go smoothly as planned.The first few days are important in his potty
    training so we made sure at least one of us were with him during that
    time.You’re right, dogs do have short attention span so scolding will be
    unnecessary.You’ll be surprised at how quickly dogs will know where to
    potty once a designated area is setup.Sorry to hear about the Wizdog. 🙁

  5. @candacetyl For the first few nights, we slept downstairs where Cooper was
    in his sectioned off area.

  6. I have a shih tzu and he peeing and pooing on the rug and floor but not the
    training pads!!! what should I do???

  7. I just got a 10 week old Shih Tzu. She’s great with peeing on the training
    pad, but she always poops on the floor. Any thoughts as to why peeing is
    fine, but pooping isn’t?

  8. My Shih Tzu doesn’t pee or potty on the training pads or the backyard where
    we wish him to do it. Instead he just does it on the carpet/floor. Even if
    I stop him half way and move him on to the training pads, he doesn’t finish
    off. Any tips?

  9. So remember to section off part of a living room and place the pee pad
    farthest away from his sleeping area. After a few days of training and you
    feel your puppy can potty consistently in the training pad, you can provide
    him free access to just the living room. Keep him out of the bedrooms for
    now. Remember, expand his “world” slowly. Once you feel your puppy is
    properly trained, can you then expand his world even more by granting
    access to the bedrooms. (Puppy=small bladder) 🙂

  10. yay! good for you baby boy! ur sooo cute! i will have a puppy like u in a
    couple weeks!

  11. hello!i also have a shih-tzu female 5 months old named Ava! the problem i
    have with her is that she use her diapers to pee, and poop next to the
    diapers……but the real problem is that she still urinate on the floor
    and on the carpet evan if she use the diapers in the bathroom!how to
    unlearn her to do this ?help please!

  12. I have a Maltese puppy 2 months old. He’s pooping & peeing everywhere.. I’m
    trying to pad train him & to go outside.. But when I take the pad down, he
    just lays on it.. Not even a sniff.. What can I do? 

  13. Me abd my mum had a shihzu mum got her when she was only a puppy tought her
    to scrach at the door everytime she needed to go poo and everytime shed
    come back and sit on the porch we used to let her at the front yard but
    shed always wonder off and come back shes 6 years old now 

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