How to Litter Potty Train a Puppy Dog

How to easily litter potty train a puppy dog indoors ideal for apartment dogs, city puppies using training pads and cedar litter bedding. How to house train …

12 comments on “How to Litter Potty Train a Puppy Dog

  1. Max sure is a busy little fellow. Glad you savaged your mic. That is a
    great idea for litter training a puppy! So much easier than that early
    morning walk.

  2. Max is such a cutie ❤️ We got a puppy for Christmas, too, after our last
    dog died in early November. It really broke my heart and I’m so happy that
    I now have my little guy to cheer me up

  3. It may be nice NOT having to take your dog out for a walk early in the
    morning, but boy if he used the litter box the house would really stink way
    more than a cat’s!

  4. Aww Max is adorable . Looks like he really likes the cat. Is it ninja or
    one of her children or other ?

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