25 comments on “Pekingese dog trained to use a litter box

  1. litterbox is too small i use the xlarge dog pads and they work great she
    never misses and easy to pick up and throw away

  2. GAHHH Ur dog really is a ewok! Lol! hehe Im getting a puppy in feb. She’ll
    be 9weeks then and Im going to train her to use the litter pan. How do u
    start off?

  3. When I get a dog, SO going to train them to use a litterbox!!!!!!!! Ive had
    this idea in mind for a few months and i finally youtubed it to see if it
    actually works. guess it does! (:

  4. i been using the training pads but ima try the litter box smart mmm never
    thought about it….

  5. search montrealdogtrainingsolutions to find the best dog litter box on the
    market!!!!! sooo easy to use and clean. there is no messy litter and you
    don’t have to touch the dirty part that they pee on.

  6. I never trained my puppy to potty in the litterbox. He just started using
    it. He’s 4 months old, and he’s a cocker/Chihuahua mix and is already over
    15 pounds. It’s the weirdest thing I’ve seen a puppy do.

  7. omg your dog is so smart! this would be a good alternative for people who
    live in high rise apartments with small dogs.

  8. It’s funny how he actually goes about using it like a cat (with the
    scratching around).

  9. is that cat litter or nah? cuz my puppy uses cat litter and i wanna know if
    something eles for a dog would work better.´╗┐

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