The Dog Whisperer | Season 6 Episode 1 | Full Episode

How to Raise the Perfect Dog – Cesar films the four puppies he’s adopted as they live with him and his pack over the first eight months as a demonstration on…

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  1. can anyone tell me why he picked medium energies rather than low? Is it
    just cos its the middle or what cos I would have thought the lowest energy
    would be the easiest for most people? Do lower energies have bad qualities?

  2. I dont know how he looks at the puppies and doesent laugh lol specially
    with that little funny I wouldnt be able to keep a straight
    face which is why I dont own a bulldog lol

  3. my puppy just gobble his meal down in second. I don’t think he chew much,
    just swallow. How do I train him to each slowly and calmly.

  4. I have a tip for those whos parents or mom or dad hate dogs ok:my dad used
    to hate dogs I pleaded him one day even did a presentation so he let me
    have a dog after he experienced loving and caring a dog he loved digs and
    was really caring and now I have 3 dogs so i encourage you to convince them
    because nobody can resist a dog and if you ignore a cute dog you have no
    heart so I hope tp this helped you bye bye!

  5. Puppy squat to pee. Is it possible to keep him doing that? Is lifting leg
    to pee learnt by observing older dogs or instinct?

  6. *Bulldogs (or any other dog) are NOT ‘genetically engineered’.* Like many
    members f the public, Mr Millan is confusing the difference between
    ‘selective breeding’ – which used the same methods and principles as
    Natural Selection, what nature does every day – versus ‘genetic
    engineering’, which is totally UN-natural, and can only be done in a
    laboratory equipped with elaborate equipment costing millions of dollars.
    Selective breeding works exactly like ‘survival of the fittest’ with
    humans deciding which animals are ‘fittest’ for particlar needs: bird dogs,
    controlling dangerous bulls, tracking by scent, herding sheep, etc.
    Genetic engineering (misnamed because the level of control over the results
    necessary to call something ‘engineering’ is lacking) subverts many levels
    of natural barriers to crossing un-related species – there is no way to
    cross a fish and a tomato naturally, but fish genes have been forced into
    the tomato (one strain supposedly not being marketed); bacterial genes have
    been forced into corn; nightshade family genes have been forced into legume
    genes (nearly all soy in the USA, and now alfalfa) – just to name a few
    examples. Not only is there NO WAY to breed these species together,
    even on the cellular level the organism naturally rejects foreign DNA.
    Viruses are one tool used to overcome this natural protection each living
    thing has to invasion by
    foreign genes. 

  7. Castration and spaying make sense for any dog (or cat) not part of a
    selective, conscientious breeding program! That said, humans and dogs
    have gotten along for what, 10,000 years without these procedures. At
    least without spaying. We have known many dozens of healthy, happy,
    balanced and well-behaved entire (intact) dogs. But it does require more
    exercize, mental stimulation, and discipline than most American dog owners
    are perpared to give – or know how. As Mr. Millan says in slightly
    different words – you can get away with a little more with de-sexed
    animals, especially alpha-type males of large breeds prone to dominant

  8. I really need help with my Dalmatian. He is around 14 months old, and huge.
    It’s very hard taking him out for walks because whenever he sees a little
    food on the ground in a public place, he’ll go for it. I show him a treat
    and he’ll just ignore it, at one point he struggled out of his collar. We
    are best friends, but he won’t look into my eyes, just my coat pocket for

  9. I have been a fan of Cesar for years. I have used his procedures on all of
    my dogs, they work. I have helped many people at the park when I see
    someone who is have trouble with their dogs. These people are amazed when I
    show them some of Cesar’s tricks, then I have them promise to watch Cesar’s
    shows. I even warn them if they don’t get their dogs under control the dog
    will probably end up in the pound. No dogs deserve that. Cesar I one of my
    favorite people in the world, there is a million dogs the have a happy home
    because of him. 

  10. I LOVE cesar! He knows his shit! I can’t wait till I get my own dog, I want
    a pit bull or a rotwieler. I’m gonna really try my hardest to be the best
    pack leader and have a happy healthy obedient dog. I can’t wait :)

  11. I feel like I could raise a pack of good pups by hand selecting the pups
    with the best temperaments, etc. I’d like to see Cesar start with a group
    of “undesirable” pups and see what happens.

  12. His connection with daddy is beautiful and made me actually tear up…
    Because I recognise it in my own dogs with me :)

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