Blue Nose Pitbull Training Puppies Coming Soon!

Blue Nose Pitbull Training. Pulling my daughter 1/2 a mile. Weighing in at 91 pounds he will be a few more pounds of muscle when it’s all said and done. Pupp…

25 comments on “Blue Nose Pitbull Training Puppies Coming Soon!

  1. It sucks that these brilliant and loyal dogs have such a bad rep for the
    very quality that makes them such an awesome breed. You can train a pit to
    do anything. From playing with and protecting your children and family to
    fetching things to fighting other dogs. Pits just want to be the best they
    can be for their owner and will do anything to be that. It’s the owners of
    the vicious and wild pits that train them that way that should be punished.

  2. Great video, awsome dogs. Just stopping by to show support. Keep up the
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    leather dog products. If your interested we can give you good prices.

  3. nice dog. i´m doing the same type of training on my dog since 6 months ago.
    and you have a beatiful and big backyard for training your dogs.

  4. Nice video…I like seeing Pits with family, especially the kiddos. We have
    a brindle pit whos about 9 years old. Its going to be sad to see her go
    because she’s really good with our three daughters. These dogs are really
    protective of them and us. I hate seeing these dogs always being accused of
    being vicious. Its the owner people. Treat them right and they’ll treat you

  5. Water breaks can give the dog a stroke please dont comment if u dont know
    shit although I agree on da harness u should defenatley get a proper one
    nice dogs

  6. true, you should get the right harness for that other than that that’s
    fine. these people are idiots dogs haul shit especially ones with
    muscle…cough* pitbulls. i

  7. Working dogs need jobs and working them them makes them feel more fulfilled
    and happy. You think that’s bad go through one football practice and tell
    me what you think is worse!

  8. These Pits looks fantastic ! Can anyone tell me the difference about Blue o
    Red nose? One day I would like to have a Pit.

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