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  1. maybe the owner didn’t train peanut while he’s a puppy… dogs learn easily
    especially when u make it a routine

  2. @mutzykatz me 2 2 much training, grooming, and shit and prefer cats alot
    let 2 handle

  3. Pfff i just peed outside for the first little while the dog would watch me
    eventually picked up that it goes outside learned in 1 week that outside
    was bathroom

  4. fucking lame thing its obvous u hv to go out for th dog dont make poop in
    ur house….. VS so fucking lame cases, this program is about the ppl dont
    hv a clue about dogs, not the dogs issues….

  5. @joezetank yeah i own 2 dogs so i know im talking about “mate from england
    london shire”. they dont shiet anywhere, if u treat like a fucking human
    probably do it, so then u hv a problem not the dog

  6. Where the fuck do these idiots come from ? Are they just naturally twats or
    are they playing up to the camera . Either way they should be banned from
    owning pets

  7. @MelodyPythonVeria is not rocket sciencies, is just a routine dont have to
    be 8 fucking times at day? if u are a housewives yeah sure but not
    everybody hv that time for the dog…VS so fucking annoying

  8. @MelodyPythonVeria no just lazy ass owners is an excuse blame the dog, you
    can train a dog at any age, so dogs pee and poop for basic needs but also
    for mark territory, so the dog would pee and poop in the same place when
    you walk him. is easy

  9. @korgscrew2000 Good if you have a fenced yard. I don’t have a yard at all.
    My collie was housetrained when she was 5 months. It didn’t happen for free
    and suddenly but it was a quite smooth process. I used papers and frequent
    walking. When she was about 3 months she knew she has to pee outdoors and a
    bit later she was dry over the nights. At the age of 5 months she was
    physically able to be clean. Puppies don’t have preconceptions about their
    new home and it should be simple to housetrain them.

  10. Training your dog to use the PetLawn is much like teaching it any kind of
    trick. It takes repetition and positive reinforcement for the dog to learn.
    It is true that puppies learn more quickly than older dogs, but the popular
    adage that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” certainly doesn’t hold
    up here. Older dogs just require a bit more repetition and patience to

  11. 8 times a day is only while they’re in training. A housetrained dog only
    needs to go out 3-4 times a day.

  12. what if indoor potty training? for I don’t have terrace / front-backyard. i
    have new 1 year golden dog, and she do pee n poop wherever she likes… not
    like my other dogs. they easily trained to do pee n poop on location should
    need help. thank you

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  14. Sure, it’s all fine and good to choose not to use the method of rubbing the
    dog’s nose in it, but we(my family) did. I have a GSD puppy, and that’s
    what we used from the start. Firmly stick her face up to her accident, say
    “No” and “Bad dog” repeatedly, then put her outside to think about why she
    was just thrown out. She learned VERY quickly not to pee in the house, and
    to ask to go out when she needed. She was very young when she was
    completely potty trained.

    But you HAVE to do it as it happens, so that she knows what she’s being
    punished for. If you just find an accident, she won’t know why you’re
    punishing her if you do. 

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