How to Train a Puppy NOT to BITE

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24 comments on “How to Train a Puppy NOT to BITE

  1. 4:45 was that urine or was it his ‘seeds’? aren’t dogs supposed to be
    incapable of breeding that young?

  2. I think this will help a lot with my new pup. On a more serious not how can
    I stop food aggression she is extremely protective of her food or rawhide
    if she is chewing them not playing with them. She growls and has even ran
    at people just for walking past when she is chewing or eating.

  3. Zak I rescued a Lab/Dane mix from the spca, obviously some body has worked
    with her. I took her to a vet with 30 years experience, he has determined
    by her teeth and nails amongst other things that she is 9 months old. She
    is already 88 pounds. She only bites my forearm when we play, if I say ouch
    she stops. Major issue, she thinks she is a lap dog and jumps on my
    friends, she is learning to heal but when she gets on a scent she can drag
    me and I weigh 230 pounds and I am not fat. She has separation anxiety. She
    is already house trained, and just an all around lover dog. She just does
    not realize her size. 

  4. My border collie is 7- 8 months and her play biting is driving me
    absolutely crazy. I’ve tried a water spray to the face, a firm “no”,
    pushing away, time outs, a tap on the butt, a tap on the nose, holding back
    by the scruff of the neck, literally nothing has worked. I’m going to try
    what is being shown here but any suggestions I would be so grateful to have

  5. To me that dog looks like labrador rottweiler or he is a lab and his father
    was a lab rottweiler because he doesn’t have very dark brown color 

  6. Hey. So to incorporate clicker training with this you simply add the
    clicker the nano-second the puppy stops the unwanted behavior (click when
    he stops biting your hand)? Thx.

  7. This video fails to show the most important moment. What do you do when a
    dot bites you. or starts biting you? its practially a useless video, that
    says u need to play with dogs, etc.

  8. I think this pup is German Shepherd / Lab mix or Rottweiler / Lab mix. I’d
    be able to make a more accurate assumption if this pup was older.

  9. Wat to do when your dog isnt even intresred in looking at you cause i have
    2 german shephard n they are playing all together and does something like
    ignore u

  10. Totally subscribed here i have a dog and the come when call worked the
    first time ima see about this time

  11. Holy.. crap.. that dog looks and acts EXACTLY like my puppy and HE WAS
    HAVE THE SAME TOYS FOR HIM!!!!!!! But unfortunately even if that puppy had
    to be one of his lost brothers they would have to be a Border Collie mix

  12. My family and I really need some advice. Our new puppy (10wks) is very
    aggressive when he bites. Every single video we watch is with only slight
    puppy biting. Our puppy draws blood and bites extremely hard. I am afraid
    that if we don’t get it under control then he is going to become an
    aggressive adult dog. We have tried these types of training techniques but
    they do not work on him. He will only respond when he is given food and
    that seems to make it worse. He’ll bite, and when we tell him off he sits,
    we praise him for backing off and he then bites again to receive another
    treat. Sometimes even the food doesn’t work to divert his attention from
    attacking us. Please help. We need tips for aggressive, persistent puppy
    biting! +Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution 

  13. My dog barks every time she sees a squirrel or something moving and I was
    wondering how to get her to stop barking at everything

  14. Btw zak do you have any tips for a dog who bites sometimes when you try to
    pick her up?…I think she might be just playing with me but I would like
    to know how to stop her when shes does it sometimes.

  15. That dog looks literally EXACTLY like mine, but mine is a tannish dog with
    white paws.

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