Dog Training – How To Be Your Dog’s Alpha – Dogs are social animals and need leadership. Learn about becoming your dogs leader and the steps you need to follow t…

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  1. I thought there were just stuffed animals on that table, I didn’t even
    realize that there was a real dog! Haha

  2. I really like your video and agree that leadership and order are important
    but you should update your definitions because domestic dogs don’t form
    packs. Look to Jean Donaldson’s article, Are Dogs Pack Animals. It covers
    this well.

  3. “Boitani, Francisci, Ciucci, and Andreoli, (1995) define a pack as a social
    unit that hunts, rears young and protects a communal territory as a stable
    group. Dogs, unlike wolves, are not strictly speaking, pack animals.
    Free-ranging dogs may, in some situations form small, loose associations
    and it might be more accurate to say that dogs tends to “group” in certain
    circumstances rather than “pack.” For a review of the literature on the
    topic, see Dominance Theory and Dogs by James O’Heare.”

  4. I can’t cite this properly due to Youtube not allowing website links. But
    as you see, the ethological definition of pack is different than your
    standard English speaking dictionary’s definition. “Alpha”, “Pack leader”
    and “dominant” mean nothing to our domestic dogs.

  5. Absolutely agree. When are dog professionals going to drop this wolf pack
    model garbage. Even David Mech whose original research most of these
    so-called experts base their theories on has admitted he was wrong!!! And
    Scott & Fuller showed that feral dogs and village dogs do not adopt
    hierarchical pack structures. Having said that establishing yourself as
    leader in the dogs’ eyes, using humane and non-forceful methods, will save
    you a whole lot of trouble with most dogs

    Dog training is foolishness, the only real training any dog should have is
    to not pee or poop in a house..

  7. Haven’t you ever seen a dog or cat make an aggresive move towards another
    animal or dog on the street. They are showing that they are the leader.
    Also when a dog growls or makes another dog that shares the home with them
    move from their spot, or if you feed your dog and the other dog runs and
    eats that dogs food, thats showing that dog that moved or ate his food is
    dominant or is the alpha dog and he or she says hey thats my spot I call
    dibs or hey I’m the alpha i eat first. Our domestic dogs descended from our
    wolves in the wild and the hyenas also descended from our wolves they all
    have a dominant figure or alpha just like cats or the big felines they have
    a alpha male to lead them. So that so called “garbage” is true I’m not
    saying everything that people discover or what the government says is true
    is totally true I’m saying that dogs and most animals on this planet have
    an alpha leader or dominant figure to lead them.

  8. And dog training is useful so the dog knows better whether or not to chew
    on your couch or to eat your shoes and to know not to run out the front
    door when you open it. Dog training even helps save people’s lives so maybe
    ypu should rethink your opinion. Without dpg training dogs would be wild
    and even more dangerous than they are now. I love animals and they deserve
    to know right from wrong and to have a chance instead of being beaten or
    put down just because of one wrong thing they did in their life. You
    wouldnt put a person down or beat them if they did one wrong thing. Now
    would you.

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