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25 comments on “Heavy PITBULL TRAINING

  1. @PitBullsBiteHard i can tell u know nothing about pitbulls.. a game bred
    pitbull will curr a bullie in 10seconds pitbulls are breed for 2 things
    only and they do them better than any other breed by far its never give up
    and destory anything its told to i dont agree with pit fighting but i
    respect the breed never say die rich white boy ahahahahaha

  2. @DarkDreamer126 It doesn’t matter because that’s not what pit bulls are
    meant to do. Trying to change a breed is a big slap in the face to the
    people who founded it and all of the owners who love the breed. Do the
    world a favor and call those things what they are, hippo dogs. Not Pit

  3. that dog is not a pit bull. Pit bulls are naturally lean dogs. weighing
    60lbs- about 80lbs. the dog you are advertising is a mixed breed know as
    the american bully.

  4. @DarkDreamer126 I don’t need to rely on Wikipedia to learn about a breed I
    own, I have 4 pit bulls, and I’m a vet tech I work with them every day. Now
    if you were a real Staffie owner, you wouldn’t call them pit bulls. Which
    are they? Staffies, or APBTs? Because as a breeder you should know that Pit
    Bulls are a group of dogs, not a breed. So which breed is it you want me to
    talk about cause I’ll school you right now in both.

  5. @superpenguin716 a dog that has been bred way to much, look at the bulldog
    or other dogs like that. THAT is fat and over-breeding. You’re one stupid
    vet tech. Actually it’s not just those two breeds either, it includes
    Amstaffs, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, american pit bull terrier, English
    bull terrier along with other less physically similar breeds.

  6. @solidpitbull9211 how the fuck would u know dumb fuck dont talk shit about
    pitbulls fat and ugly or not theyll fuck u up

  7. @tooshortbullys The problem is the Bully is about to become the new English
    Bulldog, because breeders are so hyped up on body/head size and the color
    blue that they can’t be bothered to check and see if the dog has good bone
    structure or can walk to the end of the block without looking and sounding
    like it’s about to keel over and die. And who cares what you sold em for, a
    dumbass and his money are soon parted. Price only matters to a peddler.
    I’ll take my 200 work dog over one who can’t breathe

  8. +1, definitely not a Pitbull. Its ridiculous the gigantic mutant dogs that
    some breeders call “Pitbulls” these days.

  9. He is right… Pit bulls aren’t this heavy, and I’m not talking muscular,
    even though they aren’t this muscular either, female pits max out at 65 lbs
    tops, males? 80.. These “pits” are heavily mixed with american bull dogs,
    hence the jowls and additional skin. A muscular pit bull will have defined
    muscles, not just fat covered thickness, and it’s not just the fat covering
    the muscle, it’s the additional skin that is a tell tale sign of bull

  10. These pits making want to go get mine one in the back yRd on a runner blue
    pit an my Hawaiian rednose but the blue tame to kill someonethey don’t know
    unless I say so n they listen good well to me the blue will b In the crib
    the Hawaiian red nose will b in yard on stunner for you bitchz think u can
    take advantage of me so all I ay issick em they run outside they fukd
    ….treacle shit ……I’ve had 10 n my cousin got this white one with
    black spot don’t know exact what kind but he’s the arrest n pretty but I
    want my blessed n hawii. Red nose by tomorrow ill have at least one!


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