Potty Training Small Puppy/Dog – Simple Solution Washable Diapers

Della was having a hard time being trained to go outside until I started using the washable diapers from Petsmart. You can get these in a pack of two for 16….

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  1. I love those washable diapers too! They have been life savers for me. I
    have a stubborn chihuahua who would pee in the house too. I would take her
    out a million times a day, and she would go outside, but she’d do it again
    in the house. Or else I’d stand out there forever and she would refuse to
    go, and then she’d go in and pee in the house. I bought those washable
    diapers at walmart. Now she holds it, and goes outside. She wears hers 24/7
    and I take it off when we go potty then I put it back on.

  2. Interesting; I just got a 10 yr old dog, bichon shitzu; he was 2 yrs in a
    puppy mill then 8 yrs with a lady who just left her back door open all the
    time, so he was never completely housetrained. When I am away and he has
    run of the house, he is good about 80% of the time, I confined him to the
    kitchen/family room and now he pees n poops EVERY day in the house while i
    am away at work (home at 130pm usually) and he CAN hold it for 12 hours
    (done it overnite many times) but he WONT so now I think he is just being
    PISSY!! will try the diapers

  3. At nights I placed my dog beside my bed in a set up almost the same as
    “Puppy Apartment” or “Puppy-Pee-Poo-Palace”. Now I leave the cage open so
    she can jump from my own bed to the cage if she wakes up at night to pee.

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