Dog Training : How to Potty Train Your Dog

A big mistake that dog owners make is assuming that a dog is potty trained before they truly are. Use a crate to teach a dog that not going to the bathroom o…

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  1. this works! this is how i was trained by my parents 🙁 damn them. i’m still
    in therapy 🙁

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  3. wut if u take them outside and they run away. and when u put him on a leash
    he runs like crzy liike 500 miles per house

  4. For ex. I have a siberian husky, they’re a bit nudge in the head, but if
    you were to have a husky. How long would it takes to perfectly have them
    potty trained? I know of a lady with a border collie and she had her pups
    potty trained in 2 weeks. Siberian huskies are a bit stubborn, would it
    also takes me 2 weeks,. . . or more?

  5. Get professional help if you’re having trouble house training your dog.
    Some dogs do take longer. Regardless, if you crate your dog when he/she
    doesn’t choose to take the opportunity you give to go outside and try again
    in 10 minutes, eventually the message will sink in. Remember that any
    mistake in the house is confusing your dog. Be consistent with the crate
    and you will eventually have success. Male dogs who mark for territory are
    another issue & can require a lot of training to stop.

  6. I let my 5 month old corgi go out as soon as we wake up, feed and water him
    afterwards, an hour or so later I take him out again. at noon I do a small
    feed and water. take him out 1 hour later. do the same at dinner. all of
    this he still peeps in the house. Is he broken?

  7. The best way to train your German shepherd is to take him outside with you
    and shit outside on the grass. Make sure your puppy is watching so he
    understands he shouldn’t shit anywhere unless it is outside…..your

  8. I have a 6month GSD female puppy her name is shelly she is doing potty
    inside the compound.she didn’t potty out side the compound i am fustrate to
    clen up her potty every day plz help me how i trained her to do potty out
    side the compound.

  9. My 5 month old puppy is completely use to going on a training pad we have
    in the house but she will not transition outside for some reason.
    Occasionally she will pee outside but never poops. Does anyone have any
    advice on what to do?

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