Puppy Safety – Every puppy owner should know this – Dog training videos

This is a very important topic for me. Puppies are not made of glass but we need to take care when we are training them, and when they are interacting with t…

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  1. Great stuff as always Emily. Thank you so much for all of the time you put
    into every single video.

  2. Awesome video as usual! Lumos is growing so fast and he’s so cute! Also I
    couldn’t stop watching Lacey in the background just because she settles in
    such hilarious positions

  3. Those harnesses that you use are so great. I wish I could find them in my
    part of the world. Who makes them??

  4. I enjoyed it, thanks for sharing. Just curious what kind of harness is the
    puppy wearing. I like the design of it, I looks like it would be a better
    fit that I use?

  5. Wonderful video! Always very informative, it’s great to learn something new
    from you. Lumos is so beautiful!

  6. I agree very puppy owner should know these. It is a great video, thank you.
    I have a toy poodle and she does nothing but jump and she is 3 months old.
    Now I will be more careful.

  7. when is the earliest and healthiest time i can train a puppy to sit
    pretty. I know, like you said don’t over do the same movements, but could
    i start at 8 weeks?

  8. This is the tip I was hoping for! I was wondering how many training I can
    use in one day. Should I teach only one thing untill it becomes perfect so
    that my dog doesn’t get confused? Or maybe two? three? THEN you showed me
    your training board. That is a treasure to me!

    +I also love dogs backgrounding on this video. they’re, in my country’s way
    to speak, knocked up(expecially, lacey)! they’re all want to be around you,
    and waiting for lumos.
    +I hope I can get more tips about excercise time amount. there are many
    videos about how to training, but not so many videos with basic things like
    this one.

  9. Thank you for this great video! I have previously learned that I should
    continue with the same (new) behaviour in a treaning session, not to
    confuse the dog. But I have learned now that I can mix it up.

  10. Love all your videos and I’ve been trying to train my puppies but the hard
    part is.. i adopted 2 Labradoodle puppies at the same time! It’s so hard to
    train, they are 15weeks now, 1 loves very active and outgoing, the other is
    shy when he is not with the his sister! Do you have any tips on how to
    train 2 puppies at the same time, because if I put 1 of them on leash the
    other will keep looking back, the one on lead will pulling and jumping
    barking. Or if I put 1 of them in other room, it will get distressed /
    nervous when hear the other one barking/ crying and whining.. Just recently
    introduced the crate as we have been told they need to be separated coz the
    shy one will depend/ listen to the other dog instead of the owner.. They
    play rough, barking and jumping when I’m preparing food, they like to swap
    bowls when eating (super fast swallowing!) Can you please shed some light
    on how to train them? they can only sit and down! Stay is impossible coz if
    1 moved the other one move too! 

  11. I am working with my puppy on frisbee. But I read on online that a puppy
    shouldn’t jump in the air to catch the frisbee in till they are at less a
    year old is that true? My puppy is not jumping for it yet but go’s for it
    every Time and gets it. She is 6 months old. Also when I do my training
    with her lately she been doing the behavior before I even ask. And when I
    tell her to lay down she dose it and rolls over right a way before I can
    even say any thing. What dose this mean?

    PS: you puppy is so cute 

  12. nice video. thak you so much 🙂 i’ve got golden retriever puppy. and she
    tries to jump on the sofa. but she is too little. that’s why she only
    stands with her forelegs and then jump back on the floor. i am afraid this
    jumping back may hurt her. should i also ‘click’ her not to put forelegs on
    the sofa?

  13. Do you plan to offer online classes at some point? I’m from Austria and
    would love to train with you but due to obvious reasons that’s just not
    Oh, and I would love to see more everyday videos of Lumos, those on
    facebook are fantastic. I feel like I can learn so much from simply
    watching you interacting with your dogs.

  14. We are awaiting our new Aussie pup, arriving tomorrow- and I was having
    some last minute trepidation over repeated admonitions I’ve found that this
    breed must be challenged mentally as well as simple exercise. Your videos I
    can already tell are going to become a ‘must see’. We shared our lives with
    a malamute for 14 years very successfully, although we always suspected
    (knew) she was not so much ‘well-trained’ from our efforts, but always
    willing to cooperate and extremely intelligent. It made up for a lot of
    deficiencies due to ignorance on our part I think! I must say, I was
    watching one of your videos and was very focused on you and the dog- it
    took about 6 minutes in before I realized the couches and floor around you
    were carpeted with other dogs. Extremely calm and secure dogs. Wow. That
    single fact alone shows me I’ve found a valuable resource. Thank you!

  15. +Kyle *I’m going to show you several reasons why you have struggled to
    get your dog to listen to you. There IS an answer that will help you
    finally beat this struggle and get the perfectly behaved companion that you

  16. My dog is three years old and has gotten into the habit of rolling onto one
    hip while in the “sit” position, how can I fix his habit ( he doesn’t
    always sit on one side he alternates 

  17. hey, I have a new puppy who is 2 month old.
    she is very cute and smart but she is alrady afraid of new people (I only
    have her for one week and she is graet with us…)
    (the new people are waiting for her to come, maybe call her but never
    aggresive with her)
    how can i change that?

  18. It´s amazing what you do with your dogs! TRULY!
    But also sad how much an everage dog knows.
    People can´t see the point of teaching your dog tricks and stuff, they
    don´t know how much the relationship with your dog can becomes better. And
    I have my dogs and I just love doing tricks with them, cause through that
    we larn recpect, trust and having fun and simply amazing time 🙂
    After all I´´m very proud on succes.

  19. Hello I have a question. Everyday I walk my dog loose in the dogwood. My
    problem is other people. When my dog she’s them she runs away from me,
    towards them and jumping on them, they begin petting her. This teaches my
    dog she gets rewarded by strangers when she runs away from me. Or must I
    just be happy that I have a social dog? It starts to get a bit on my nerves
    lately. When strangers just would walk on then i have perfect controle with
    her. Thanks for all the vids, i love your vision on dog training

  20. Hi! I would like to say I LOVE your channel. I have a question for you, I
    really hope you can reply.
    I am in the process of adopting a rescued corgi who is 6 months old. She is
    being taken from a breeder with other dogs due to poor living conditions,
    so the papers take a long time and she has to remain at the shelter for
    But back to the point, I live on the 3rd floor and I am worried about her
    going up and down the stairs everyday, especislly since she is not leash
    trained yet and pulls and jumps. I dont think I will be able to carry her
    though… Do you have any suggestions so that she does not harm her puppy

  21. at 9:46 when you say it doesnt apply to behaviour modification. does that
    mean we cant train differente behavious modificiations intervaling? 

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