Cesar’s House Rules

Cesar’s own family joins him as he gives wise advice on how to have a happy, healthy, canine member of the family. See More Dog Whisperer http://channel.nati…

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  1. @MsLabMom If you are SOOO smart , knw SOO much about dogs , why arent YOU
    the dog whisperer ? ==

  2. @MsLabMom I get to these vids from watching cute training tricks that other
    youtubers have posted. Such as Zak George’s how to train your dog to make
    the bed.

  3. Actually, the reason why ceser millan is hated by alot of the community is
    because his methods are very out-dated and scientifically incorrect. He
    uses a theory called “lupomorphy” the thought where humans must created an
    artificial pack like wolves based on a social hierarchy. When in reality
    dogs AND wolves truley don think this way. Wolves dont compete for leader,
    they live like a human family. Only the “breeding pair” (alpha) breed is
    because the rest of the “pack” are all related -cont.

  4. Even if the wolf had dominence or a social hierarchy, it would have been
    bred out of them during domestication because those proto-dogs exibiting
    “dominent” behavior would have been driven out by out by our ancestors. But
    even if wild wolves today did exhibit dominent behavior, they would be much
    different than the wolves 15,000 years ago when domestication took place.
    Wolves today canno be domesticated from fear of humans shooting them. But
    still yet even with all this information, we must-cont

  5. I agree with some things he says like being calm and assertive but I
    disagree with his kicks that he says are just a “touch”. He can be a good
    dog trainer but sometimes some theories are just retarded lol, like with a
    Vizsla that isn’t confident, he puts the other end of the leash on its tail
    and pulls it up and says “see he’s more confident now” xD Sure i’m not the
    perfect dog trainer but no trainer is. And the good thing is that he says
    his methods aren’t the only way.

  6. Yes, but those are smiles that are produced by the person himself. It is
    very different if the smile is ‘forced’ onto you by somebody else
    manipulating your face or in the case of a dog, pulling the tail upwards
    for example. In fact there are studies that have researched just that, and
    a smile produced this way has zero effect on endorphin release even
    detrimental effects.

  7. I understand, but it’s just my opinion on it 🙂 I trained many aggressive
    dogs and I never needed to use that type of force though. Like Cesar says
    and I agree his method is not the only one 🙂

  8. choke collars, and calming a dog like if the dog, is hyper and jumps all
    over u, simply turn your back. and wait till the dog is relax. And if the
    dog is relax, give him/she a reward and use the clicker. He is trying to
    overcome a dog, that not the right way to teach the dog. Also for those who
    don’t know this the dommance theory has been prooving wrong, look it up
    read first, before liking. Just saying

  9. I am in the main character’s same position where I’m the only one that
    cares for my dog. My mom and brother only want to love him. They leave all
    the disciplining and trust to me. It upsets me when my dog likes to go to
    my brother.(BACK STORY: I got my brother a puppy for his 18th birthday,
    loved him but didn’t accept the responsibilities and told me to return him.
    Instead I took ownership.) Perhaps it’s my jealousy. But dang, they leave
    all the work for me. Anyways, thank you Cesar.

  10. i am sorry but my dog is my dog no one elses but mine and that is the way
    it will allways be i do not care if ceaser thinks she allso thinks i am
    heres she dose not respond a whole lot to other people in the house she is
    blind so she sticks close to me but if needed when i am away my parents
    will take care of her but lassie will be sad till i get back so it is obvus
    she is mine

  11. Some of these comments make me think these people really don’t know much
    about dogs. Just because something is old doesn’t make it bad, and new
    isn’t always better. You have to raise dogs in a way that they understand.
    That’s what Caesar does, he uses methods that dogs understand and know what
    your doing. Even Victoria Stilwell uses “dog language” though her methods
    are newer. She says she doesn’t agree with the pack leader method but she
    still acts like a pack leader with her stance, demeanor, and actions and
    that’s what the dog picks up on. It’s not aggressive it’s assertive, they
    are two completely different things. If the dog thinks your a pushover it
    won’t see any reason to listen and behave. A leader is calm, assertive, and
    fair. Caesar plays the role very well. And to the person who claims that
    wolves don’t have a pack order, have you ever even studied wolves? The
    people who do study and research them for a living would disagree. 

  12. I adopted a dog that was about to be put to sleep and I hired a dog
    counsellor that used Caesars techniques . She settled within a week ,
    despite me working and leaving her some of the time !! Thankyou Caesar for
    4 fantastic years with her .

  13. You are so right Cesar!…If any animal is in the house they and us are
    part of the same community. Everyone gets looked after as equally important
    and that’s up to both of us.

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