Brie is a 4 lb. 2 year old maltipoo. When she was a pup my wife and I trained her to ring a bell to go the bathroom and ring a bell outside to gain entry int…


  1. I have a 4-month-old maltipoo and we’re dealing with potty training right
    now. The bell trick is great! I just wonder what happens when nobody is in
    the house to open the door for her to go potty. Do yo have a doggie door?

  2. @feelingcrafty So sorry for the delayed response … In our experience, the
    bell training teaches your dog where it is acceptable to go to the
    bathroom. Since we implemented this 2 years ago, we have had NO accidents.
    The longest we have left her home is 10 hours. Our dog goes before we leave
    and doesn’t eat or drink much water when we are away. We do not have a
    doggy door due to raccoons, squirrels, skunks, possums and snakes on
    occasion. California coast living 🙂

  3. how long did it take her to learn to go outside. my maltipoo knows to go
    outside when shes in her crate but when shes playing with my husband
    running around the house n rough play she decides she wants to go inside
    shes 4 months weve had her for 2 months. at night she stays in a restroom
    we made her a little apartment out of boxes its so cute well she has her
    own bathroom in there but rarely has accidents unless she drinks water late
    but i take her out at 4am n when we leave she stays in there

  4. @villarreal661 Hello, took only 2 weeks to train. We would take her paw and
    hit the bell before we let her outside. When she would come back we did the
    same, ring the bell to re-enter we give her a small treat. As for accidents
    inside the home, i can’t explain it, she never has any. She knows to go
    outside and the bell gets her there. She usually eats and drinks when we
    are home, consumes very little when were out.

  5. Hi! Congrats on the pup. Every time you take him out to go (we say potty)
    say it, take his paw and tap the bell, take him outside and say the word
    again (i say go potty), once finished bring him back inside and reward with
    a treat. Once your dog starts ringing the bell to go outside, no further
    training is necessary when implementing an outside bell to gain entry. Your
    dog will associate the bell ringing with gaining entry / door opening. This
    took us 2 weeks. Good luck and congrats again!

  6. i am trying to train my dog to potty outside! any hints or tips? he has
    been trained indoors, but he just started to lift his leg up and its
    getting every where 🙁 

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