25 comments on “Dangerous Pitbull Terrier in Dog Whisperer Full Episode

  1. People who like pit bulls are people who like death and mutilation and
    violence. Pure and fucking simple. There are hundreds of dog breeds in
    the world. Why pick a pit bull? A bull dog or a boxer or a labrador
    aren’t good enough? You need a dog that might rip a little kids face clean
    off? You deranged lot of social derelicts!!! Why are the rest of us
    tolerating this? We don’t let our neighbors set bear traps in their front
    yards, why do we let them keep pit bulls? The whole thing is preposterous!
    We have a registry for sex offenders. Why not have one for pit bull
    owners? Then every sick, deranged asshole who owns one of these psycho
    dogs can walk door to door and introduce himself as the new neighbor who
    just happens to keep an animal bred to kill and destroy sleeping behind his
    front door.

  2. I believe, as with humans, that aggressive behavior is a combination of
    genetics AND environment. This issue seems to be very black & white, where
    people either believe that they are evil or good and no in between exist.
    Things aren’t that simple. I love dogs, pits included. If you take a dog
    that has been bred towards violence and put it into a negative and hostile
    environment, the dog will react violently. The same can be said about
    people.I do believe there is hope for both animals and humans who have
    violent genetic dispositions. I would not seek putting a dog down as the
    first line of defense. i see a lot of hateful comments here. I had a pit
    mix that was a stray and she was sweet and obedient. The only dog I ever
    had that was more loyal than her was a miniature beagle that I now own. An
    acquaintance of mine, who is a nurse, rescues pits specifically. So, yes
    much of the discrimination against pits is hysteria. However, people have
    bred them, sadly, as fighting dogs. So my advice is: don’t be prejudice,
    take responsibility, but don’t get an aggressive breed when you have small
    children and BE A RESPONSIBLE PET OWNER! We do not need to eradicate and
    kill these breeds as some here suggested. We need to learn, and then teach
    positive behavior AND BREED LESS AGGRESSIVE OFFSPRING! Duh! Any
    dog/cat/bird/human/whatever can be dangerous. Being responsible, educating
    oneself, teaching, taking responsibility will prevail. Hate only breeds
    ignorance and ignorance only breeds hate. Those who would eradicate an
    entire breed do so out of ignorance and FEAR. Those who wish to help a
    breed or animal should not be naive though. Learn, teach, grow. That is all
    I really have to say :-)

  3. Breed ****** Attacks doing bodily harm ****** Maimed ****** Deaths
    1. Pit bull **********2792 ***********************677 **********263
    2. Rottweiler *******514 ************************294 **********81
    3. Bull Mastiff ******105 ************************61 ***********15
    4. German Shepherd 102 **********************63 ***********15
    5. Wolf Hybrid ******85 *************************49 ***********19
    6. Akita **************68 ************************50 ************8
    7. Boxer *************62 ************************29 ************7
    8. Chow *************58 ************************39 ************7
    9. Pit bull/Rottweiler mix 50 ********************15 ************15
    10.Labrador ********50 *************************39 ************3

  4. Has anyone ever thought that maybe the poor dog doesn’t want a raging
    lesbian to be the dominant force in the house??

  5. I don’t blame Pitbulls, I blame their owners. Pitbulls are like every other
    dog out there. Gentle and protective, not murderous beasts that destroy
    anything in their path! People who think its fun to use pitbulls as living,
    breathing weapons are just not responsible enough to care for them. At all.

  6. 2 Lesbians get a Pitbull, what the Fuck did they think would happen ???
    As usual it is the owners not the dog that are not right

  7. a dog is a reflection of its owner, pit bulls are not dangerous the OWNER
    is dangerous , no dog is born nasty ,owners make them this way, in the
    right home with the right people in a chilled relaxed atmosphere, taught
    right from wrong from birth ,and shown love and respect a dog is your true
    friend for life , i have a family member who has a staffy that’s bossed by
    the rabbit,The Rabbit is boss ,

  8. i know u dumb idiots out here didnt know , a Rottweiler’s jaw lock is
    stronger than a pit bulls . And i happen to own the sweetest Rottie in the
    world . He would never hurt a fly. Rottweilers (bite) pounds of pressure is
    328 while the Pit bull is 235. Even German Shepherds are stronger than a
    pit bulls by 10 . So educate yourselves before you morons start criticizing
    a “dog”. Pitbulls can be trained just like any other fucking dog. Just like
    you train a puppy. People just choose not to, which makes them aggressive,
    which makes retarded people automatically want them put down .They fear of
    something they no nothing of. To sum this up , you idiots are just in fear
    based on shit you dont KNOW, only off what you HEAR. He-said/she-said

  9. You know, you really shouldn’t comment on things you know nothing about.
    Try doing your research first. Did you know that pitbulls were called
    “nanny dogs” in Britain because they are so good with children? The only
    reason that pitbulls are known for aggression is because they are the breed
    that humans chose to train to fight other dogs. If you used a lab or even a
    freaking cockerspaniel as a fighting dog it would exhibit the same
    behaviours. This dog was obviously abused or it would not be acting like
    this. There are thousands of well-balanced pitbulls that are perfect family
    dogs with better manners and temperament then than most. The problem is
    with the humans, not the breed. 

  10. Don’t blame the breed, there are no bad dogs only bad masters. Dogs are not
    born aggressive. How a dog behaves and gets it’s personality is from
    whoever raised them as a puppy. If they were abused, abandoned, starved or
    mistreated poorly of course any dog would get violent and not trust people,
    if that happened to me I wouldn’t trust them either I’d be traumatized both
    animals and humans can have ptsd remember that. I have never not even once
    been bitten by a Pit Bull. I’ve been bitten by Border Collies, Labs, Golden
    Retrievers, shepards and cockerspaniels. ANY dog has the ability to bite
    and attack if it feels scared, threatened or protecting something. And the
    dogs I was bit by weren’t all abused I got bit 1 of those times just
    because I had food and my dog wanted it so he attacked me and he was well
    fed! I currently own 2 dogs a pit mix and a great dane lab mix and they are
    best friends they give each other kisses, our pit gives us more kisses than
    our dane mix so much that he won’t stop kissing till we tell him to, he’s a
    sweetheart and our big love. Every pit I have ever met has been sweet
    hearts playful and gentle. Just because certain dogs of the breed were
    mistreated doesn’t mean the whole breed is automatically a dangerous
    killing breed. It’s like racism you wouldn’t want someone stereotyping a
    group or race just because of multiple people do bad things or commit
    crimes. At one time they were the nanny dogs. Served in the military and
    was on little rascals with children you weren’t afraid of him then, why
    now. There’s just so many reasons to not hate the breed itself EVERY dog
    can be rehabilitated, we have rehabilitated many many dogs that most people
    would have given up on.

  11. Like many here, I would not want to see a pitbull being put to death. It’s
    not the dog’s fault they are aggressive because they were bred for this
    very same purpose. However, I’m also practical enough to keep away from
    this breed because they’re very unpredictable and have attacked their
    owners who have treated them well. Like the lady in this video said that
    her pitbull had nipped her and could potentially have done worse. They seem
    to have no control over their instincts. They could be otherwise loving and
    very loyal but when the instinct takes over, they are something else
    altogether. I think, it’s very very dangerous to own a pitbull.

  12. There are NO bad dogs, just bad owners. Owners don’t think they are bad,
    but they are. Just like: There are NO bad kids, just bad parents. Parents
    don’t think they are bad, but they are. You get the dog (kid) you raise.

  13. I’ve been a victim of a dog attack. The dog was a cocker spaniel. Bad
    owners make bad pets. This dog was a Americas dog at one point until idiots
    decided to fight them. It’s in every dogs blood to attack, not just pit
    bulls. I own 3 pit bulls and have 2 daughters. Raised my daughters around
    my pits and never had one problem. A chihuahua is a more aggressive dog
    than a pit! BAD OWNERS MAKE BAD PETS

  14. Hey!!! everyone posing negative comments about Pitbulls!!! I bet 99% of
    you have had more bad experiences with non-pitbull (small dog) breeds than
    if a pitbull is so good at attacking people, why are they never used by
    police, military. Pitbulls were originally breed to be a nanny. End of
    story. Shepard, Doberman ext were originally breed to be attack dogs and
    still are used for human attack.
    Pitbulls are friendly dogs, unlike any one of those small yappy type dogs
    that always bite and get away with it bc of there small size. If you are
    intimidated by a pitbull bc of its muscular look that’s one thing, but I
    garentee that pitbull will lick you too death (not bite) once you pet or
    baby talk to it, just like any unintimidating looking dog. Grow up, quit
    being judgemental.

  15. Unfortunately, Pitbulls are more prone to experiences rather than training
    and the two will often clash. terrible experiences and good training will
    only neutralize the dog and they can quickly be enticed by their instincts.
    You must counter bad experiences with EXCELLENT training. And misbehavior
    cannot be tolerated, no matter how small or insignificant the infraction
    may be. Pit bulls are very lovable, just more difficult to manage. 

  16. I hate how people just treat Pit Bulls like demons or something. They just
    wanna be loved. :'(

  17. i really dislike cesar milan because most of his techniques are also fear
    based. i never see dogs in a calm state, i see them in a frightened state,
    and this is why the dogs listen to him–they’re afraid of him.

  18. One major problem with Cesar Millan’s style of training. He constantly uses
    a technique where he startles “unruly” dogs by using a soft back kick that
    he thinks “distracts” the dog from what’s freaking it out(usually him and a
    collar). Problem is this, dogs have horrible lateral movement. Pushing a
    dog sideways is like dangling a cat over water, it’s cruel even though no
    real “danger” exists. After 10 minutes of this(mostly un-aired) any dog
    will do anything to stop this dog version of waterboarding. Basically,
    Cesar is just another snake charmer or monkey wrangler. If you could hear
    what he’s really “Whispering” it would sound something like “it walks on
    the leash or it get’s the kick again!”

  19. Something happened to this dog that made it severely afraid, and we need to
    understand that when we are afraid we protect ourselves. This dog has an
    irrational fear because of a traumatic experience or lack of socializing
    and it’s a form of therapy to get the animal to understand that no one
    there is trying to hurt him. As long as he understands that eventually,
    he’ll be a happy pit bull pup. I think people misunderstand pit bulls
    because they are very powerful dogs and can cause more damage if provoked
    or scared. Cesar Milan is really a master at speaking to canines and
    understanding where they are coming from. Don’t blame an animal for being
    scared and defending itself. We all have strange phobias that can trigger
    us. Anyway, I’ve met several pit bulls who are the sweetest of any dog I’ve
    ever been around. I’ve been bitten twice by dogs. Once was a pit bull who
    was playing/nipping at my cat the way dogs like to play with each other and
    I protected my animal because she’s way too small to take those nips from a
    pit bull and he got me in the arm. He felt terrible about it and it wasn’t
    a huge deal, but the energy from a bite can be overwhelming. But my lab
    also bit me because her medication caused her to be pretty food aggressive,
    but I didn’t blame her, I blamed the medication. The actual bite is the
    worst part because the energy that comes through to you is intense and
    emotional. But I needed to work through that myself and I feel we both
    mutually understood that what happened was wrong behavior, and eventually
    my mom switched medications so my dog wasn’t aggressive anymore. It’s
    exactly the same with humans sometimes. Animals aren’t malicious or bad on
    purpose. They are animals and I think it’s our jobs as humans to understand
    where they are coming from instead of putting them down when they don’t
    meet our needs and wants. They are living beings after all with
    personalities, thoughts, and emotions just like we do. 

  20. Hold on pieces of fuck and shots out there,before you start critizing
    pitbull lovers and pittbul owners,look yourself on the mirror,say you are
    ugly and kill yourself. 

  21. I have a blue nose pitbull and he’s so nice and loving . has never bit
    anyone and he’s an adult . I love him to death and would never fear him.
    none of my friends or family fear him . I love pitbulls ❤️

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