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  1. I am currently sick in bed feeling like poop but now I feel happy! Is it
    just me that really wants to get a real dog now…..

  2. stacy i love your videos so much and i hope you dont end dogcraft please
    dont end dog craft on ep 100 please reply i want to know 

  3. This channel wasn’t for 8 years old before… Now she asks Joey to not
    curse when it’s what is funny in their videos.

  4. Lol I’m at school

    Don’t worry I’m expecting comments saying either
    wtf why aren’t you in school getting an education like seriously!

    Come on get over it
    I have a nice 2nd period teacher on dogcraft days! 

  5. I think i’m upset that all of the wolves have Creeper Sweeper and its kind
    of Wink’s thing :/

  6. Obstacle Ideas 😀

    – Dispensers that shoot arrows to simulate skeletons.
    – A deep drop maybe 10 blocks or more deep to simulate fall damage.
    – A room full of water that the dogs must navigate through to simulate
    ability to escape in the water.
    – Something related to poison to represent creeper “milk”, a cave spider’s
    toxic bite, and the zombie virus.
    – A small arena where you can put mobs in for the dogs to kill

    Hope you like my ideas

  7. Stacy it looks so awesome!!! 😀 😀 😀 And you had so many creative ideas
    for how to build new places for the dogs to challenge their skills!! Do any
    of them have pack-puppy levels high enough to pick things up? It’d be kinda
    fun to use droppers to drop “good” and “bad” items and see if they can make
    it through a part of the course picking up mostly good items – like healing
    potions or wool renamed to pretend its puppies or some of the cats to

  8. can you name a dog after my dog Suki pronounced sue-key please she is in
    the animal hospital and fighting through it and she’s a Chihuahua, lab mix
    thank you

  9. Add a pit of doom where the dogs have to balance on a tightrope(iron gate)
    and if they fall, they fall all the way down like 50 blocks

  10. You should add a chest of porkchops beside the course in case of possible
    Also mabye something to simulate a bridge collapsing and they have to try
    to run all the way over without falling?

  11. Maybe you could add a tunnel like the one in the first agility corse but
    make it out of glass and put lava on it so it could be like trying to get
    through lava before it burns you (the dogs).

  12. Stacy, I have commented on your last 2 video’s trying to ask you if you
    want to play minecraft with me, maybe I wasn’t giveing enough information,
    I found a free servival server named sweet vanilla and my username is
    Amazing_Bjorn because it’s my lil brothers account, will you now please
    react ang give me an awnser

  13. Stacy imstead of lava dowm the stairs i would put water becouse it is
    pretty high and the fall and the lava could kill the dog 🙂
    Btw can you make this in the first course like a big hole with stairs on
    one corner and see if they would teleport or jump and ignore the stairs
    Love yaaa

  14. +stacyplays You should have slime blocks in a line and then a pool of lava
    right next to it so you have to jump over the lava pool

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