1. search montrealdogtrainingsolutions to find the best doggy litter box on
    the market!!!!! you don’t have any messy litter to deal with and you don’t
    have to touch the gross part that they pee on. it’s very easy.

  2. I hope you did not just say that that litter box, which will be later
    containing dog feces and urine is going in the washer.

  3. @DailyDoseOfAmber make sure you clean up every cm of that then. Dog shit
    does not belong with my clothes.

  4. I looked at the montreal dog thing what a JOKE !!!! I am buying two of
    these one big and one small as a gift for my roommate and her 2.5 pound
    dog. mine are bostons that have accidents . WISH you sold these at stores
    id just go out and buy it now!!

  5. I think the idea is great. You say you could put news paper in it. I think
    it’d be even better if the bottom was deep enough to put a couple inches of
    clumping cat litter under the tray. Then it would absorb the smell and you
    could scoop the urine once a day instead of washing it all the time.

  6. I down voted you because there was nothing about training your dog to use
    this kind of thing. your title is misleading =_=

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