Volume 2 Pointing Dog Training by Long Hollow Outdoors

The Flyway Volume 2. The importance of allowing your young pointing dog to develop. Pointing Dog Training with Ryan Fortier and Josh Wolff. Brought to you by…

3 comments on “Volume 2 Pointing Dog Training by Long Hollow Outdoors

  1. Awesome information dude. You do a good job of communicating your method
    and the intention of it. A question if I can ask it; is your method based
    on another or a hybrid of several maybe? I’m looking to get a solid
    understanding (like yours) so I can get my 8 week old GSP started out
    right. Thanks for the help bro. Again, Awesome video! keep them coming. 

  2. Great video! I am curious if you have started utilizing the ecollar on
    Manny or if you are just having him wear it while training to get used to
    it before you collar condition him? I have a 13 week old lab pup and was
    wondering if you have any advice on to when the pup should start wearing an
    ecollar to get used to it? thanks! 

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