Dog Training Tips : How to Potty Train a Dog

Tired of cleaning up messes from your dog? Learn how to potty train your dog in this free pet obedience video about teaching your dog to go to the bathroom o…

25 comments on “Dog Training Tips : How to Potty Train a Dog

  1. They make dog doors for sliding glass doors,plain or electronic, That might

  2. I’m waiting for the part of the video that show’s how to actually ‘potty
    train’ my dog?? Which time stamp should I be looking for? This video would
    be great if I wanted to see how people let perfectly trained dogs go
    outside, oh wait… I’ve seen that a million times before.

  3. We did the bell method with our 1 year old Shepard, How intensey he rand
    the bell determined how bad he needed to go outside. fully intend on
    training our new puppy the same method.

  4. pretty smart thinking howlong did it take you to train him i mean i assume
    it did not happen over night

  5. This dog has been trained to link the ring of a bell with the door opening
    and being allowed outside. Not to potty, but to go outside, which is likely
    the most positive reward imaginable for this shutdown dog . NOTE- that when
    he recalls his dog to come inside, the dog does not respond. Ryan has to go
    and fetch a treat to recall his dog- the yard being infinitely more
    desirable and rewarding than coming to him.

  6. andwhen you aren`t home what`s gonna happen? the dog will keep ringing the
    doorbell and then what?…………please explain. thanks

  7. I ave a maltese puppy,i use potty drops but it doesnt work,i use it on
    newspaper so its easily cleaned,but my puppy bites newspaper…. My mom
    says its because theyre teeth are itchy,is that true? Thx

  8. Hi, I was wondering if your dog got into the habit of ringing the bell just
    for the sake of going outside and not necessarily needing to toilet? thanks!

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