Teaching a dog to go to its bed (using clicker training)

http://www.bighoneydogmysteries.com / Honey the Great Dane shows how to teach a dog to go to its bed on command, using clicker training.

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  1. Yeah, that’s her latest trick that she has learnt so she is very keen on
    offering it! She always does it with her new trick…before this, it was
    “Look up” which she was always offering, regardless of what I asked for! 🙂

  2. Yes, you can do it with a consistent verbal marker signal (eg. “Yes!”) –
    ALWAYS said in the same tone, at the same time as the CLICK in the video –
    followed by treat. You will need to “switch on” your chosen word the same
    way as a clicker (see my Intro to Clicker Training – Part 1) first. Make
    sure you are consistent with the word you choose and always use that word
    to mark the correct behaviour – don’t use “good dog” or something that you
    might use in other situations.

  3. Most people fail not because of the training method but because of lack of
    consistency – ie. they “give up” and let the dog get away with it
    sometimes, because they get fed up with enforcing it…if you let the dog
    get away with it once, he’ll try even harder next time! You don’t have to
    be nasty about it but you do have to be firm, consistent and patient about
    repeating things lots of times in the beginning, until it becomes habit and
    the dog doesn’t think of challenging it anymore.

  4. @brocolims – If you visit Honey’s website (URL is in the video or in the
    info section) and click on the “Clicker Training & Tricks” page, you will
    find info on clickers and where to get them, etc.

  5. Do you ever let Honey onto your couch or bed? I would love to let my dog
    come up, but i heard its bad?? Can you help?

  6. I was wondering if you could perhaps do a video of you training how to
    stay, wait and recall using clicker training because this is something that
    I want to do with my dogs but I’m not quite sure how to go about it – I’m
    not really sure when and what I should click and treat for. Thank you for
    your time x

  7. Honey is a very smart dog. Great Dane’s are my favorite. I most def. will
    be coming back to watch your training vidoes when I decide to get a Great
    Dane. They seem to help a lot. 🙂

  8. WOW… thankyou for these videos, i am getting my boxer puppy in a weeks
    time and after watching this i feel confident in my abilitys to train him,
    thanks again

  9. @dodgerbuddy7 – I did run through teaching Stay in my “Intro to Clicker
    Training Part 3”, I think. You can also find it on Honey’s blog – look
    under “Videos” page – all the clicker training videos are listed there. For
    walking through the door first, though, I would actually teach WAIT rather
    than STAY. There is an imp difference between them: you never call a dog
    out of STAY, it must always remain there until YOU go back to release it
    but WAIT just means “pause until the next command”

  10. You work so good with Honey and shes obviously a very smart girl and yes
    she makes me laugh shes so big but is sooooooooooo Carful how she interacts
    with things around her yes I wanna Clone her lol

  11. How come you trow the treat? Why don’t you put it in his mouth? Or is it a
    germ thing.

  12. Absolutely! You can use clicker training for pretty much any animal, to do
    pretty much anything! I watched a youtube video once of eels that had been
    trained 😀

  13. Laughing to myself while I was watching this as I realised my cat Mia was
    sitting beside me giving the video her fall attention. I’m sure she’s
    wondering if she could train a dog that way herself, :). The videos are
    excellent. Thank you.

  14. I thought this was a dog training video….not a horse training video!
    Great info….thanks!

  15. this video was great, something which i will try for my dogs kennel club
    award training for gold. i will let you know how we do

  16. i don’t agree with the clicker method….what do you do when you don’t have
    your clicker???…your dog needs to trust you enough to do things without
    rewards or a clicker…i did use treats to train my dog…now he does it
    without treats…i tell him to go to his bed and will stay there until i
    let him leave 

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