How to Potty Train a Dog with Potty Pads from PetSmart

Did you know that when outdoor access isn’t available, there’s another way for dogs to relieve themselves using a pee pad? Find out more here:…

7 comments on “How to Potty Train a Dog with Potty Pads from PetSmart

    HAS SEEN!!!!!!

  2. I used puppy pads when training my cocker spaniel puppies. Even after we
    made the gradual switch to outdoors, they still think they can potty on
    that area of the carpet. I must have done something wrong, or maybe my dogs
    just like messing with me….actually, that wouldn’t be surprising. They
    still aren’t 100% potty trained, and they’re 6 months old! 🙁

  3. My maltese-yorkie mix has been using potty pads since she was a puppy. We
    first used the “potty patch” but that was hard to clean and it was
    impossible to get the stink out of it. They are great -super absorbent and
    leak-proof (spread out two). Plus, my dog will still go outside when the
    opportunity presents itself. I highly recommend them for small dogs, but
    you must change them often as they will smell once soiled (obviously).
    Having more than one dog may be more complicated.

  4. They also work well if you have a cat who tends to ‘miss’ the litterbox.
    Just line some up around your litter box and they work well to catch
    anything that would otherwise just hit the floor.

  5. I have a 4.5 month old puppy and we live on the 14th floor. So, I plan to
    keep using these for times when we can’t get outside. A Training Pad Holder
    holder is the next thing that I need to buy. I have the perfect place to on
    my balcony 🙂

  6. I use them to line the bottom of my bird cage, and for my orphan kittens.
    They are so much easier than newspaper!

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