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25 comments on “Ask Mesa Ep 15. More playing w subs, Dog Training, Destiny Pet Peeves, Clan Playlist and more.

  1. The biggest problem with the rock playlist seems not to be the fact that
    people leave all the time, but it’s that it takes forever for the
    matchmaking algorithm to actually put somebody in to replace those missing
    slots… It infuriates me too.

  2. Hey Sean since you’ve been bringing up Star Wars battlefront quite a lot
    I’m going to ask which of the two ( Star Wars battlefront and Star Wars
    battlefront 2) were your favourite? Keep up the awesome content. 

  3. Killing that blade dancer (pole dancer) at the end was the most beautiful
    thing I have ever seen…

  4. I cannot wait for Battlefront. I wished they would release it earlier
    though. I was all excited this christmas to get it and then they say they
    are releasing it near christmas 2015.

  5. Howdy Mesa!
    I’m a newbie on this channel, and I want to know if u can open up a friends
    spot on Xbox because I would love to play some nightfalls with u because u
    seem like an awesome player and I might need some help in the future haha
    If not all good! Haha

  6. Mesa , with your talent , I am surprised that you are only making videos
    about destiny only , Any plans for another ideas ? Like ( Other Games ,
    Movie Reviews , Sports News … Etc .
    The way you present your destiny video is ” Magic ” every one ” Like ” your
    videos . 

  7. I myself am not to worried about it (because I have limited play time), but
    do you think there is a huge content gap between DLCs? I just want new
    strikes and more modifiers…

  8. yo mesa! I really want to join a clan so is there anyway i could join yours
    or is it just for your friends and so on?

  9. With the latest update to Destiny coming with all the weapon “balancing”,
    Does it feel to you that it is more because of popularity or actual weapon
    balance? Cause to me it feels that they just nerfed some guns mainly the
    ARs (with respect to damage) cause they are popular and not necessarily
    because they were unbalaced. 

  10. Mesa what would you use for a weapons setup do you think? I don’t know
    which slot to have an exotic in and for those which don’t idk whether I
    want a new monarchy gun or a Crotas end wep. What do you think, you’re

  11. I’d like to see more quests added to the game kind of in place of bounties,
    or have multiple stage bounties like the exotic ones. Maybe instead of
    grinding out 150 marks you could get weapon bonuties for legendary weapons
    that required you to do a few different bounty steps. I also think they
    should take things like Husk of the Pit and add it as a quest to Eris. You
    go through a 2-3 stage quest to recover the Husk of the Pit from some deep
    dark place in the Hellmouth, maybe someone from Eris’ fireteam left it
    behind, or something that would enhance the story. After you get it you
    then get another quest to get the item to power it up to the Eidolon Ally,
    which enhances the story even more and has a natural story and narrative
    progression into the Crota raid to get the Crux to get the Necrochasm. Far
    fetched idea I know, but would love to see them expand on the quest idea a
    little bit, and give Eris something to do. You could also give Banshee
    weapon quests, etc. 

  12. Public event idea:
    One guardian that arrives at the public event is consumed by the darkness
    so the other guardians have to hunt him down in a certain time frame. The
    consumed guardian has extra health and does more damage making it a fair

  13. Mesa do u still get excited or hyped about blue or purple engrams dropping
    after all the exotics u have?

  14. Dude my biggest pet peeve is when I’m running to revive someone and whilst
    I’m reviving them, they respawn like a little scumbag.

  15. Hi mesa, I was thinking about what would be a cool crucible game mode and I
    thought of an idea where you only get points for collecting orbs, do you
    think that would be a good idea?

  16. +Mesa Sean what is your view on getting a raid team. You are content
    provider so getting a raid team is piece of cake but nobody’s like myself
    have a hard time. Not that am inexperience am playing since the alpha have
    three characters and alot of maxed weapons but since sep 9th i have never
    been able to lock a raid team. please share your prospective on this matter

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