Dog Training : How to Get Your Dog’s Attention

Getting a dog’s attention begins with teaching them their name. Get your dog’s attention with tips from a dog trainer in this free video about pet behavior. …

25 comments on “Dog Training : How to Get Your Dog’s Attention

  1. my was a very good pet il let him play outside when im not looking at cause
    when i shout weroooout he quickly comes 2 me and when i leave him in a
    chair ,he is scared of heights he look at me and bark but when my dog
    wanted to play with my young brother my mother taught that my dog tried to
    bite my young bro thats why he gave my dog …….huhuhuhu.

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  3. This doesn’t work at all. I call her name, she looks at me. Sits. And half
    a second later, she glances somewhere else in the room. <.< I want to know
    how to KEEP her attention on me. Getting the dogs attention is easy,
    keeping it is another story.

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  7. This is the worst dog training video ever! I don’t train with treats and it
    happens to work fine. You rewarded the dog for nothing about 5 times 

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