HAPPY DOGS & CAT in AUSTRALIA – Pharrell Williams “HAPPY” song

Views: Over 10 MILLION! Inspired by Pharrell William’s International “Happy” Hit! Lot’s of dogs playing at the beach. Special appearance from “DIDGA” aka ‘Wo…

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  1. Hello, thanks for all the “likes”, shares and comments! You have questions?
    here are some answers. Didga is a girl, I adopted her from a shelter. I’m
    a dog trainer, without my own dog, but she grew up with dogs, (all dogs are
    clients dogs or just dogs on the beach) she is at the ocean/river a lot,
    she does lot’s of tricks and “dog like” behaviours, including rides on my
    stand up paddle board and swims from time to time. Yes, She’s the famous
    skateboarding cat (2.6 mil views, look for video), I use a GoPro Camera &
    ‘final cut’ editing software. More Q? Cheers, Robert & Didga

  2. me encanto que bellezas amo a los animales y verlos asi felices me pone muy
    contenta que lindos ademas la musica es genial gracias por compartir esto
    un abrazo desde Argentina 

  3. Who doesn’t love happy dogs (and a cat)?!?! It’ll make you smile! I
    promise! 😀

    HAPPY DOGS & CAT in AUSTRALIA – Pharrell Williams “HAPPY” song

  4. Of course, the dolphins aren’t the only smart ones on the planet.

    Why can’t humans just be like *this*?!

  5. A swimming cat that can surf and swim with dogs – how much cooler can you
    get?! You are just a great guy Catman, for bringing all this love and fun
    to these animals – The shot of Didga swimming along side these doggies is
    just wonderful. Wish I had your talent. 🙂 But I do have a 7 year old tabby
    named COPPERFIELD who rocks my world nearly every minute I’m home – and I
    find I can’t wait to get home to him – 🙂 – Please, PLEASE keep the Didga
    videos coming!

  6. Hello, Didga & Catmantoo! We’re just in love with ALL of Didga’s videos,
    the one with her & Ollie, her “Purrkour”, and of course, Didga Drops In!
    The relationship you & she have shines through the lens, and I can speak
    for many fans here in the US we can’t wait to see more from Team Didga! Go,
    Didga, go! (And screw the few naysayers… they need to get a life!)

  7. I had never heard this song before I ran across your video. I will always
    like this song now. I was raised on six acres with a creek running through
    it. A bit of a free spirit. Always had dogs, cats, horses, a few rabbits, a
    couple cows over the years and more. So I appreciate this personally very
    The video, Great footage! And well synced…the cat can do some Milli
    Vannilli..? (j/k, sorry)
    Thankyou for sharing with us your hard work with these animals it shows.
    Im Happy! ;)

  8. THE most impressive video I have ever seen.
    I’m not usually one who watches anything more than once, but I could (and
    will) watch this every day !!
    🙂 🙂 :)

  9. I’ve owned both cats and dogs and love both species….and I know how hard
    it is to train either type of animal. I just tonight found this video & I’m
    sharing it with my fellow dog & cat lovers. You really did a terrific job
    putting this all together! This will definitely be my go-to when I need to
    cheer up. I love the song and the way you photographed the animals & synced
    them with the music is just adorable! Thanks for making so many people
    smile!! 🙂 🙂 

  10. Many of your questions are answered in the description area. or download my
    free app at Catmantoo 

  11. This is such a lovely video. It is awesome! I love the EPIC happy at 0:13
    Didga’s cameos are awesome!
    Yeah!! 0:57

    The shots of her swimming are really cool, love how she interacts, and sits
    with them in those nice shots/video shots.

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