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http://makedogsyourlife There are many ways to train a dog but which one is best? That’s the question that everyone wants to know and in this video I give yo…

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  1. Well said. I also believe, that both “camps” have good points. The Dog
    Whisperers, to me, are like more strict owners. They use some sort of
    physical reinforcement, like that “tsst” touch, the control with the leash
    and so on. I mean no one bats an eye, when a child is being disciplined
    with a slap to the butt, but when a dog get’s disciplined by a whisperer
    it’s an outrage in the Positive reinforcement community. I do realize that
    dogs are not human kids, or kids are not dogs, I’m simply talking about
    standards and principals. All the arguing comes from human ego and the need
    to be right and other sad stuff. Stay open minded. And positive
    reinforcement, to me, associates with the way I was raised. It’s less
    tense, gives you more freedom and, I think, takes longer, but I don’t know
    about it being more effective, like I don’t know about CM’s methods being
    more effective. Different people have different capabilities and they use
    different methods. If it works and helps the animal, why fight over it?

  2. So, if you say the Cesar Milian goes off wolf pack behavior and wolf pack
    behavior has proved his methods wrong.. then what? Im sure he has some good
    ideas…. maybe. But honestly.. the proof for his training is dwindling. 

  3. When people compare Cesar and Victoria’s methods they’re basically
    comparing oranges to apples. One thing is behavior and another thing is
    teaching the dog to do a trick(this could be anything from play dead to
    stay next to me, or attack on command, etc). Cesar’s ways is you as a pack
    leader have to fulfill your dog necessities so he or she can be a balance
    dog and doesn’t develop behavioral issues, that why he is a dog
    psychologist and not a dog trainer. Victoria’s way it’s the opposite, she
    uses positive reinforcement which is basically teaching the dog that if he
    or she does whatever she tells them to do or not to do and they do it they
    get a reward, and that why she is a dog trainer. No amount of treat and dog
    training is ever going to solve dogs behavioral issues in the same way no
    amount of dog psychology is going to teach a dog to make tricks. 

  4. I’m mostly positive reinforcement ….but i do give corrections…..I don’t
    give physical corrections…..I either say no or ignore the dog. I am
    totally against special collars like choke collars, prong collars, and
    shock collars

  5. Modern behavioral science shows us that positive training works best.
    That’s it. 

  6. i think Cesar’s way is the best training style. your telling the dog that
    it can not have negative energy

  7. stilwell ist Hundertainerin und Millan ist Hundepsychologe und
    Verhaltensforscher ..ein sehr großer Unterschied

  8. Unfortunately, the science is behind the positive training methods. The
    studies are there. You can’t ignore the science. Wolf pack behavior methods
    have been debunked. The alpha dog meme has been debunked. Educating
    yourself on what science is telling us about dog behavior is best. Anybody
    can make a youtube video. Do your research, read the science.

  9. “+” only methods absolutely do NOT work on all dogs. They work only on
    generally submissive dogs at best. In my experience they are the number
    one cause of dogs being overly aggressive or overly protective and not
    working under critical circumstances, and thus dumped or PTS. I am
    professional trainer of 40+ years and let me say that most (90%+/-)dogs
    who have aggression problem are dogs trained with “+ only” methods and the
    rest are dogs with this problem are not trained at all or were abused. +
    and – are two sites of the same coin. Yin& yang, up & down, black & white,
    good & evil,… you got the picture. You can not have one without the
    other. If you think that you do then you are diluting yourself by wishful
    thinking and there is nothing scientific about that.

  10. You really hit the nail on the head..when you said, “The only thing two dog
    trainers can agree on is what the third one is doing wrong”… I too am a
    mutt dog and people trainer… thanks for sharing…

  11. how about swapping roles?
    I’ve never seen cesar be a warrior leader against Angel or the other very
    timid dogs who needed self-confidence.
    as cesar keep say that he trains more people than the dog.
    we see cesar more up against dangerous dogs that are close to being killed
    by the law because it sells better on TV in the UAS
    On the other hand, I have not seen Victoria train other than a simple house
    dogs and cute puppies.
    but as a TV star would both have bad and good reputation.
    personally follow your gut. and ask yourself what are your dog work as ..
    house dog or working dog.

  12. this guy is a smart trainer, willing to keep learning better methods,
    the problem is always the trainer frustration (who gets too phisical with
    the dog) and the most likely to happend, the owner who has no discipline in
    the dog relationship Some positive training is not viable for every owner,
    they lack time, money,knowlege,space or discipline to create an apropiate
    behavior. but most of trainers lack of the cojones to tell what owner did
    (longer trainig is more expensive, so if positive trainers are so concerned
    they should be more honest and a bit cheaper) and what they are responsable
    for, so the dog will be put down o gave away(this one too, most probaly to
    end in to a lethal inyection), wich is more harm, than a smal pull on an
    early use of a standard choke chain.
    Training should be for anyone, so trainers have to adapt to the client and
    the dog, always, no quick fix should be ever concived, training is never
    ending, everything moves even society, even in our houses, even to our
    Just as the way you cant raise twin childs in the same way, there are
    diferent individuals with diferent personalities, there is no “only way” in
    dog training. they are animals doe, and they will always be, so we should
    be a leader by outsmart the dog, there is no panacea. i do not believe that
    hurting a dog is a method, but cmon people real cruelnes is to breed,sell
    and buy dogs that will end on the streets, nor abandoned outside the house
    till the end of its days with the less contact possible, and most probally
    on a leash.
    i love dogs, i like them more than people and they are my life, i hope
    every dog trainer feels the same, and stop argueing about sides, but lets
    aim for the best for the dog, this should be trainers and owners goal, if
    you love what you do for a living, you are doing a grater thing than just
    business. disqualifing people doesnt qualify you better.lets focus on the
    dogs best interest, and be smart enough to recap and mold your business
    style into the best

  13. What is said in this video is exactly the reason why I am a devoted Cesar
    Millan follower.
    He does not have a “one solution for all” approach, he focuses on the state
    of mind, acknowledges the fact that there are some things only dogs can
    learn from each other, he mixes different styles of dog training depending
    on the dog (a thing many
    Cesar-haters overlook), and he is willing to learn new styles that he is
    not familiar with instead of rejecting them. Also, Cesar makes mistakes,
    and he himself admits them instead of coming up with pathetic excuses. When
    he is bitten by a dog, he airs it on TV instead of editing it out.

    Cesar-haters – mainly people who preach purely positive training methods –
    are prone to violence when approaching a Cesar follower. They shut their
    minds and do not listen or try to understand. If a Cesar follower doesn’t
    snap out of the so-called abusive methods, they label those people animal
    Cesar followers generally respect other people with different beliefs. They
    listen and try to understand. They are more open-minded. When they cannot
    convince a Cesar-hater, they just consider it a matter of opinions and
    don’t take it personally.
    Isn’t this ironic? The people who promote positive methods gnashing at the
    throats of people who “punch”, “kick”, and “choke” dogs? Positive my ass.

    Note: I am just stating my personal opinions and I DO NOT intend to start a
    Like the person in the video strongly recommends, I have learned, read, and
    experienced many different kinds of dog training methods and concepts. To
    me, Cesar Millan has been the best. TO ME. And I do know there are some
    parts of his ways that are actually incorrect and indeed outdated. Nobody
    is perfect. (:

  14. Negative Punishment And positive reinforcement is my technic
    if you want to train your dog or become a dog trainer
    ceasers way is “NOT” the way

  15. Thanks for the video. I believe in the same thing when training my dog and
    I believe what works for one dog may not be the best for another. So taking
    bits and pieces and seeing how effective a particular method is really
    depends on each situation. 

  16. I totally agree! Get your information, keep an open mind and do what works.
    Nice to hear from a trainer that draws from a large toolbox.

  17. Bruce Lee used to say “Absorb what is useful, Discard What is not, Add what
    is uniquely your own.”

  18. Really like this vid. No bitching like most people saying that one or the
    other is wrong its not helping any dogs they just want to be happy, loved,
    have a full belly and some water done just chill people.

  19. I’m very pro-positive dog training, since it’s effectiveness has been
    backed up by numerous scientific studies. Just like you and Cesar I also
    believe in the power of calm and positive energy. However, the whole wolf
    pack alpha dog theory is a bunch of bunk that has been discredited and can
    actually harm dogs.

  20. What about “pressure training”? No food rewards, strictly praise for
    obedience and appropriate correction for disobedience?

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