Potty Training and Adult dog? FAN FRIDAY 117

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25 comments on “Potty Training and Adult dog? FAN FRIDAY 117

  1. funny coincidence is, is that the dog in the fanfriday shoutout before the
    video was rolling in the blanket and then the vid started and memphis was
    rolling the same way!!! COINCIDENCE!!!!

  2. What are the world problem that will happen Because I had her sense 6 weeks
    will she was born on a Wednesday and we got her on a Friday at night and
    she was fine.

  3. My husky puppy eats acorns too! All the poor squirrels will be so confused,
    their acorns are gone!

  4. There is no point in letting her have puppies. And you know it costs money
    to let a dog have puppies! She is getting fixed on Sept 4th.

  5. Just visited your page. You are what we call a Troll. You have left some
    nasty comments on peoples pages. Thanks for playing. You are now blocked

  6. Thanks for answering my question I posted earlier I also would like to add
    you have very nice healthy looking dogs

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