Dog Whisperer: Trainer Walks Pack Of Dogs Without A Leash

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25 comments on “Dog Whisperer: Trainer Walks Pack Of Dogs Without A Leash

  1. Dude, for selling these guard dogs for about $25,000 – $50,000 each…..
    you can stop sleeping on a sofa bed and buy yourself a proper mattress!

  2. I grew up in the country with four German Shepherds and they are really
    good dogs. But I wouldn’t walk in any city with any dogs off the leash. No
    matter what they are still dogs and dogs do get distracted. I would be on
    edge or nervous that they would react when they see a squirrel or another
    dog. I would be surprised if the original Dog Whisperer would agree that
    this is a good practice. Just my opinion.

  3. Dog Whisperer: Trainer Walks Pack Of Dogs Without A Leash

    MEET leader of the pack Augusto Deoliveira, who can walk huge groups of
    unleashed German Shepherd dogs obediently at his heels. The magical dog
    trainer, 23, is a web sensation and turns heads wherever he goes – at the
    head of huge packs of dogs. Augusto lives in Hyannis, USA, but grew up
    surrounded by dogs on a farm in Brazil where he discovered he could lead
    groups of dogs with training. Now he’s wowing Americans as he walks through
    their towns and cities showing off the amazing feat. Augusto lives,
    breathes and sleeps with dogs as the head of his firm Griffin Shepherd
    Kennels. At the training kneels where he lives, he claims to be able to
    guide up to 15 free-walking dogs at the same time.

  4. Quite cool. But honestly if you just have the knowledge of how a dog thinks
    its not that difficult to have a dog behave and do things you want them to.
    They’re smart animals and if you become the alpha dog of the pack they’ll
    obey you as they know you’re the one in charge. This guy has just taken it
    up another level! Pretty cool.

  5. This is an old video and people have pointed out that this guy used
    electric shock collars to keep the dogs in check.

  6. Dog Whispherer my foot. ANYONE who knows ANYTHING about dog training can
    see right through this BS!! The dogs body language speaks a thousand

  7. they have a weird body language like theyre scared or something, i have the
    feeling this guy didnt train these dogs but beat them into submission

  8. a new video of Augusto Deoliveira…
    i’ve seen many of his video and became a fan..
    so amazing man….

  9. Augusto puts up a good front, he has a charming smile and talks so sweetly
    to his dogs in public. All is not as it seems, though. This man has sold
    people sick puppies. While some of his dogs are hip and elbow checked he
    did not bother to check Griffin until after he had sired at least 17
    litters. He has uploaded videos of his stud, Griffin, attacking a younger
    dog, Jake while he stands by with a camera. In one of his training videos
    he talks about depriving a dog, Rocco, of water in order to stop his
    Augusto makes many claims about his breeding stock and even his own life
    that aren’t true. Go to his facebook page and ask him a question about his
    breeding stock or training methods: you will find yourself attacked,
    banned, and your comment will most likely be removed.
    There is a group dedicated to exposing this man’s lies: The Truth About
    Griffin Shepherd Kennels. This group can back up all of the things I said
    above and more. Before you even think about buying a puppy from this man
    please please please read the accounts of the people who bought sick dogs
    from him, they are located in the Notes section of the Truth’s page.
    Augusto calls everyone on this page “haters”, but we do not hate him, we
    hate the disservice he is doing to his dogs with bad breeding practices. We
    want to put a stop to the suffering.
    Thank you for reading, I know this was a long post.

  10. Augusto, you’re sick in the brain, shame on you!!! They should take you to
    a mental institution!!!

  11. After watching this video and reading all the comments, I am so glad I have
    made the decision to cut You Tube out of my life. If only people could be
    HAPPY for other’s achievements and talents, be it in music, art, poetry, or
    whatever genre, but no,it is full of hatred, jealousy, bullying and SO many
    ignorant comments – do you know, I can’t be bothered to continue writing,
    it is pointless. I am just sad that this is a reflection on the state of
    today’s world.
    That’s it, I am finished with You Tube.

  12. Before I read the comments on here about this video, I watched it and
    noticed a strange behavior from the dogs themselves. They seem to fear him
    while walking. You see in their stance and how they how their heads are
    lowered like their in fear of offending their master. Happy dogs don’t act
    like this, they have a more proud and happy stance and a cheerful smile on
    their faces.

  13. Those dogs dont respect him they fear him .. and i saw a video where he
    said that the dog had to work for the water somthing like that and that
    just shows he will let an animal get dehydrated badly that will killan
    animal and starveing is bad also ….. and prong collars and electric shock
    collars is cruel … he cant even read a dogs body langueage and he also
    filmed a video of his dog fighting that causes dogs to become agressive and
    also he didnt let the new mother dog be alone in a welping box in a seprate
    room with door closed … helloooo mothers dont like other animals around
    their pups that stresses the mother out …. and breeding after every
    litter can cause the inside of the female dog to tear and it will cause
    more issues.. and plus he lies and sells sick pups for way to much …
    check out the truth page 

  14. Stop with the hate. He does NOT have shock collars on these dogs if you
    bother to look closely. He spends ALL his time loving and exercising them
    which is what a responsible owner does. Better they are trained then unruly
    and destructive and return to shelter which is what most people do. I
    should know as I work with a rescue group and have to pick up the pieces

  15. Everybody’s is like “they look fearful and scared”. Maybe if you’d open up
    your God damn ears you would have charley heard him state that it was a new
    place for the dogs. A lot of people and animals are scared of new places.
    Stop hating because your dog likes to eat your pillows and piss of your

  16. If you train dog with commands and varied amplitude they will respond. A
    loud “No” or “Down” indicates immediacy is required and the behavior is
    unacceptable. Pretty simple like a child you tell them no when you mean no
    and they should desist. The outside dogs appear to be cowering afraid
    that if they stray off course by inches they will be reprimanded.
    Dogs on a leash having a walk that should be enjoyable, bounce. 

  17. This monster – Augusto Deoliveira is NOT a ‘dog whisperer’, he is an animal
    abuser! As is evident on this link:
    He uses e-collars, terrorizing tactics, and with holding food and water
    from the dogs!
    He should be arrested and charged with animal abuse as would anyone that
    trains fighting dogs for gambling sport! If I ever met him on the street, I
    would have a few choice words with him…and it would be a short

  18. I wish my dog can do that. If he gets loose, he will run away fast and he
    is hard to catch! And when I try to catch him, he keeps running because he
    thinks I’m playing with him!

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