Teach Your Dog to Roll Over – Dog Training

http://betterbook.com/dogs Expert dog trainer Denise Herman shows you how to get your dog to roll over using the clicker method. This video is an excerpt fro…

14 comments on “Teach Your Dog to Roll Over – Dog Training

  1. My dog learned how to do it thanks for the video he learned how to do it
    without a clicker and he is a rebel. This is quick and easy I did it so can
    you and I am a 14 year old who just taught a 7 month old dog. Thanks for
    the video!

  2. I have been trying for weeks on my own and I can now get my puppy to
    rollover thanks to you I had tried to do it using a book but that didn’t
    work so I looked it up on YouTube and found your video so thank you so much
    for helping us and I am only 13 years old 

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