Dog Lovers Anonymous: Potty Training Part 2

Amazing how simple it is to train your dog. This is the best guide I ever found on how to train my dog! Check it out!

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  1. I got a puppy for Christmas and work so I am not sure how to potty train. I
    gave a 8week Shih tau and Yorkshire mix.

  2. What is your email address? I received a yorkie for my birthday and I work.
    You said don’t use puppy pads but I’m gone 8 hours a day

  3. Hi, just wondering how long will it take to potty train a puppy? I take my
    4 month old puppy out on regular basis every 35-45 mins as she goes for a
    wee quite a bit. But when I take her out she doesnt have a pee for about
    30mins after as she is too busy playing. I like your lead idea but she
    hates leads and will not move out the house. What do i do?????

  4. Hi. I got a 4 months old puppy and i am living in an aprtment with limited
    space (like around 500sqf). I got a crate and a potty pad. Since I am
    away for the day time (from 9am-7pm), I usually leave my puppy in the crate
    when i am away. I have been unsuccessful so far to train the puppy to the
    potty place (the crate), let along the potty pad. I would seek your
    suggestion for my situation. Tks a lot in advance.

  5. My fiance and I just bought a morkie and training has been a hassle because
    we both have physical limitations. She will only go on the pad sometimes
    and the anxiety she gets when we do take her out is nuts. Any suggestions? 

  6. I need help…. I got a puppy 4 wks ago and I’m stuck on potty training plz
    help… I started with potty pads and that’s not working : / … in away
    from home already 4 hrs at a time

  7. I need help…. I got a puppy 4 wks ago and I’m stuck on potty training plz
    help… I started with potty pads and that’s not working : / … in away
    from home already 4 hrs at a time

  8. I’ve had my puppy for 2 months now, he is 4 months old, and I’m struggling.
    We live over seas because of my husbands job where we get typhoons a lot!
    Because of that I need him to know how to use a puppy pad but also to go
    outside when it’s nice weather. The problem is he is finally learning to
    pee on a pad but now he won’t go outside. I take him to a special spot
    every morning (which he goes by himself now because he knows to) but he
    refuses to pee or poop! I say go to the bathroom over and over but he
    doesn’t go. I’ll bring him inside and he goes on the pad. Idk what I need
    to do, should I not have the pads at all down? He never scratches at the
    door or barks or anything to let me know when he needs to go. It’s always
    random even though I feed him and take him out at the same time daily :/

  9. I am in major need of your help!! The video cut out before I could get the
    name of your website so I could email you!!

  10. Thank you so much for all you great advise! I’m as long time dog momma. I
    have had 3 service dogs 1 smooth coat retriever and a toy poodle. My
    retriever came trained as for my poodle I trained her to do and get places
    my other one could not get to like under a bed, (rolling med bottles,
    remotes ect). Prior to them I’ve owned many poodes and chi chi’s. Now my
    problem child (lol) my husband know my other two girls are in there final
    years bit over 12ys, so he went and got me a yorkie not just any yorkie but
    the smallest puppy I’ve ever seen (remember I’ve had several chichi) a
    puppy this small she’s 13wks and weighs 11oz, training her is so opposite
    compared to anything I’ve ever done.
    1. You CAN’T tell when she goes pee pee she’s so short and tiny she just
    looks like she’s sitting. She does use potty pads about 50% of the time. I
    agree with your leash method however I’ve not been able to find a collar
    (which all yorkie info says never let your yorkie wear a collar due to
    danger of collapsing their trachea) I can’t find a harness that will fit at
    this point either.
    2. Also I’m really hoping that you could help me in two other areas. The
    first being to come when she’s called out side. Occasionally she will slip
    out the back door with my big girl and my poodle and that’s perfectly fine
    they love her my yard is fenced in and there is no debris that can hurt
    her. However in one of our large back trees we have a old barn owl so I’m
    always worried about him thinking she’s a mouse or something else and
    picking her up and taking her away; as well I don’t want her going under
    our shed or are decking due to possible snakes.
    Catching her becomes a huge game that due to my MS I can’t run her down so
    getting her to come is very important.
    The last point of help is even at her young age once she’s excited (usually
    the second she sees my 3yr old granddaughter) the yapping begins as well as
    ankle grabbing. I don’t want this excessive barking and chasing your feet
    to get out of hand turning from cute to serious (pos. bitting). She’s not
    afraid of clapping your hand with a firm no, or stomp of my foot.
    I love herfull of life attitude. She can always make me smile or laugh no
    matter how bad I’m feeling, but at same time I don’t want to have it to
    turn into something very negative. With her size its very hard to
    reprimand. Normally I would blow in faces, or alight thump in that kind of
    thing but with her it’s a total different ball games anything with her
    especially like pressing on her to sit or stay is not possible, without
    serious harm to her.
    Sorry this was so long but I really need your help. ……. Thanking you so
    very much, Beth and Kali’s Saszy Bella Rose aka SASZY

  11. I have a unique situation! I recently adopted two puppies they were 9 weeks
    when I brought them home from day one I had them on an eating schedule and
    recorded all their potty breaks and accidents so that I could create a
    potty schedule! The first week the male puppy had one accident a day
    everyday on the kitchen floor never in the crate and the female was our
    star she never went inside at all! The second week I got their morning
    routine down to a science however by the third week they are basically both
    having accidents in the crate and out going randomly not communicating I
    went as far as ordering potty bells! I’m overwhelmed and need answers quick
    b/c they are large breed and the bigger they get the bigger the mess I’m
    beyond desperate at this point HELP!!!! 

  12. I have a 7 and a half week old puppy & I go to school for an average of 5
    hours a day. I’m worried that she won’t be able to hold it that long this
    early. Should i give her a place to eliminate in her crate? I don’t want to
    teach her to pee in there, but I feel like she is going to have to go
    whether there’s a place to go or not. She averages going potty every 1.5-3
    hours. She also loves her crate, she takes naps in there with the door
    closed, but she starts crying if she can’t see me when she wakes us. How
    can I make this less stressful or scary for her? I don’t want her to have
    anxiety while she’s in her crate. Her kennel is a medium sized, and I don’t
    have a divider, but I can block off half, I just am not sure if that’s the
    right choice with her not being able to hold it at her age. 

  13. I just rescued a stray dog off the street. He is estimated to be about 6
    weeks old and is a fearful puppy at this stage. I hope he will grow out of
    it. I lived in an apartment and have get him comfortable enough so he will
    stop hiding under things and follow me around. However, he is scared of
    going outside. I was hoping he would do his business in the small garden in
    the front gate but he is too afraid to go pass the front gate door. So far,
    he had pee and poop inside the house.. what do I do?

  14. We are dog trainers and we can potty train a dog in just a few days. We
    insert an extra large butt-plug and secure it with straps so it will NOT
    come out. We leave in in said doggie for several days at a
    time…….getting the doggie used to the idea of going once every few
    days… not twice a day… much more convienant for us owners which is what
    is really important.. not the dogs comfort or health. Additional
    training aids would be an extra extra stout shocking collar in case it
    “forgets” later and goes more often than once every few days. Hope this

  15. Thank you for the advice I will try it and I swear for the ones on here
    that leave idiotic messages “Grow Up”

  16. I have a unique situation i adopted my dog about a month ago she’s 1 but im
    in the military and sometimes we’re on a good schedule and other times i
    have to be at work at like 4 in the morning. Soo what i did was i asked my
    friend who trained all his dogs to help me and he suggested that when she
    does pee in the house cause she gets excited put her in her crate soo
    that’s what i have been doing…also he suggested pee pads soo when im at
    work she can just go relieve herself but im having a problem teaching her
    how to do that cause she’s use to peeing outside..i really dont know what
    to do please help

  17. The crate works well. We adopted a 4 year old Greyhound many years ago and
    he did well with it until he got too old and we had to put him down(15
    years old). Very sad. The schedule we had for the greyhound worked very
    well. The dog gets used to a time schedule. The Potty Pad does not work for
    our new puppy. It does work in his two part crate though.

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