Nana the Border Collie Performs Amazing Dog Tricks

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25 comments on “Nana the Border Collie Performs Amazing Dog Tricks

  1. Have you ever thought about bringing your pets to an elderly home to
    entertain some older people for a while? I bet they would love it. Nana and
    Kaiser seem to be well behaved and clean, which would be part of the
    requirements for bringing them to such a facility. Since these people
    living in elderly care homes don’t have the opportunity to keep pets any
    more, they very often love to see some one bring in a cat or a dog whom
    they may get to pet. But if they can do tricks and you put on a little show
    for them, it would brighten up their lives for a while and give them
    something new to chat about with each other.

  2. NANA NANA! THIS IS IMPORTANT! On an app called Dog Sweetie (For iPhone and
    iPad and iPod touch only) THERE ARE 2 IMPOSTORS! This one person called
    PuppyLove (She likes to be called Ismarie) says your her cousin! She says
    she’s the little girl in the pink in your video titled: Home Alone with
    Nana and Kaiser. The other person’s username is Pebbles. She says that Nana
    is her dog and ur her boyfriend that trains her! I bet that there both
    lying! My username on there is Rottielove. PLEASE TAKE ACTION AGAINST THEM

  3. What is the purpose of forcing the dog to walk backwards or to catch its
    own tail?? Some “tricks” seem like torture to the dog. What about its
    spine? It’s not a natural movement…poor thing!

  4. So amazing !! I used to have border collie and I’ve never forgotten her,
    she was like a human with a human look, she learnt anything with little
    training she just wanted us to be happy and was an incredible dog, this
    video is so wonderful blessings for you to make Nana so happy

  5. She’s amazing! I wish I could train a dog all thoose commands if I had a
    dog but my dad don’t think I can raise one but I know I can

  6. sooo amazing!! I have a border collie Australian shepherd mix and she is
    very smart. But i don’t know how you would train her to walk on her front

  7. Border Collies ARE the smartest breed of dog. Lost my 14+ female a few
    months back. I have one that is 21 months old ……and I am getting ready
    to get a puppy in a few months. You will never find a smarter breed. I
    loved the video. THANKS…..

  8. Thanks for sharing this excellent video. I just barely started doing
    hurdles with my beautiful BC and he picked it up on the first try. He’s
    amazing. And his other abilities just wow me everyday. I love him and I
    love Nana – she’s such a good inspiration for what my amazing baby will be
    able to do later

  9. Amazing dog amazing owner I can see your dog is super happy true this
    training s and thats the point!!!! ★♥♡☆★♡♥

  10. How long till you guys have her trained to shoot and edit the videos
    herself? She’s a really beautiful dog.

  11. Wanted to say thanks for the video !!! been feeling down last few days but
    this put a smile on me thanks,, great dog 

  12. I have always wanted to have a Border Collie, but my parents don’t think
    it’s a good idea, because we don’t have an ideal house for a dog. But after
    seeing this video I want it even more and I really want to get one when I
    have my own house. I would love to learn my dog tricks and spend a lot of
    time training and playing with him/her. Great video by the way and Nana is
    a very, very well trained dog, holy shit! 

  13. What a beautiful dog, and clearly she is a happy dog too, – I really
    enjoyed this video, it put a smile on my face, which I needed so much no,
    so thank you 🙂 <3 

  14. Did you get her from a breeder? Can you please pass the info along,
    absolutely want a border but worry that most breeders are not legit. Thank
    you !!!

  15. Totally enjoyed watching sweet Nana. She is obviously very eager and
    energetic. You can see the intelligence in her eyes. Did you know that
    though he never owned one, but they were James Herriot’s (Alfred Wight)
    favorite dog breed? He said they were just amazing to watch and they
    certainly are! I saw your comment about Letterman, but has she ever been
    featured in other TV shows or films? I sure wish you could train me on how
    to train! 🙂 Thanks so much for promoting positive reinforcement and
    sharing this with us.

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