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  1. My family is thinking about get a puppy/dog. There are 4/5 people that live
    in my house. What type of dog would you recommend for us?

  2. To be all honest…making sure your the boss does really work, I house
    trained my dogs with strong discipline and it worked, I don’t abuse them
    but they get the point. 

  3. What one family does to potty train their puppies is to keep them in the
    bathroom for the first two weeks with the pee pads so after that week, the
    puppy associates that bathroom with their toilet area. It works great but
    I’m not sure if it helps them bond as strongly.

  4. I actually used to make my dog sniff their piss and it actually worked but
    I’ve never spanked them

  5. Pointing your dogs face into where they had an accident worked really well
    when I was a kid. Even when they chewed stuff too. We NEVER hit them
    though. How else are you supposed to stop them from doing it? If you dont
    correct them how will they learn?

  6. My friends has written down the step-by-step guides to guide your puppy
    grew to become alpha dog. It took him 7 years to find out, I think every
    pet owners will need to study.

  7. Me and my mother would like to give a great home to a puppy. But we do have
    go to school/work and a puppy should not be left alone. Any advice?????? We
    can’t bring the puppy along other dogs there’s no such place around, and
    mother says we can not just ask anyone with a dog if he/she could take care
    of it.

  8. 1:47
    “Teaching a dog is not about dominating them its about communicating with
    ohhh Shots fired

  9. after a year since my german Shepard died and only having one dog we are
    getting a labrador cross border collie 8 weeks old. She is the cutest thing

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