Ever Seen An Attack Dog This Well Trained?

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22 comments on “Ever Seen An Attack Dog This Well Trained?

  1. Wow ! That’s great training for that dog there. We should have Quick
    Snapped something amazing like that too.

  2. This dog is amazingly trained but it would likely get shanked or shot. A
    concealed firearm or taser would be a better option. Nobody wants to see a
    smart and beautiful dog like that die protecting his owner.

  3. When those dogs grab your bare arm, they rip the flesh from the bone if you
    struggle enough. I’ve seen plenty of criminals brought into the ER with
    skinless forearms due to run-ins with police K9’s. If you folks are as dumb
    as you sound, go fight with a K9 unit.

  4. This is one reason why I love dogs, they protect the owners. Try and get
    cats to do this and they will scratch your eyes out

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