Dog Training Tips : How to Scent-Train Your Dog

When scent-training a dog, begin by stomping the ground in a small area to unleash a scent. Train a dog to pick up scent trails with tips from an experienced…

25 comments on “Dog Training Tips : How to Scent-Train Your Dog

  1. Thanks! here in Sandy Utah and was wondering how to start training our 5
    month old Dutch shepherd..:)

  2. @unityspirit51 yeah… you got me… lol i was making a “smart” comment 😛
    my GSD (samantha) LOVES people food, she wont really touch her dry food
    unless we put some wet with it though lol. she’s happy, and she’s doing
    wonderful in scent tracking now 😀

  3. @unityspirit51 except love… we force feed love shoved down her throat
    into her heart… it comes after the beef but before the oats and vitamins.

  4. Thank you very much for sharing this. We have a German Shepherd pup that we
    are training to search. I was just wondering if I lay all the tracks, will
    he be trained to only track me and how do I get him to search for / track
    other people?

  5. I thought this was a natural instinct, because my maltese can always find
    us when we go out for long walks and leave him behind!

  6. @will8675 if you wanna feed her the best you can, feed her raw meat from
    your cows. Since you have your own cows you don’t have to buy it, lucky.
    Take advantage of that 🙂

  7. Thanks for this video… i used bowls flipped over to hide food, didnt
    think about my own feet leaving a scent

  8. You gotta check this out, I took on the care of my parents dog not long
    ago, and with young children in the house deicded that I would try some
    proper dog training for him. I went to and followed
    their step by step program, he is now the best behaved dog ever, and is
    great around all young children. Made my life so much easier

  9. As soon as you said the word “food”, my malinois perked up, looked at my
    computer, and tilted his head to the side. I don’t think you have to ask
    him twice if he likes food! lol Thank you for the video! I can’t wait to
    start training him!

  10. Thanks for the informative video. I would like to know, what do you leave
    behind that the dog actually smells to be able to track a you. “After you
    stop food or treat”.

    Thanks a lot.

  11. how are you , If anyone else is Searching the top hints for training their
    dog try banfan turbo dog trainer (should be on google have a look)? Ive
    heard some pretty good things about it and my father got amazing success
    with it. 

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