How to be Completely Dominant Over Your Dog- dog training

This video goes over how to be completely dominant over a dog, and whether it is really necessary or even ethical. It also talks about what Dominance really …

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  1. Clearly this video is meant to be a criticism of Cesar Millan, yet he would
    never advocate any of the stupid things demonstrated in this “satire”. It’s
    most unfair to provide a definition of dominance that he does not subscribe
    to, then criticize him by setting up strawman situations that he would
    never do and labeling it with language people might associate with him.

    His methods are not that different from your own. His methods efficiently
    and humanely establish effective control (“dominance”) over the animal in
    all situations that matter to us humans, but in ways tailored to the
    individual dog. Intimidation (threatening behavior) and aggression are not
    things that Cesar Millan advocates.

    I have never seen Cesar Millan threaten a dog or act aggressively toward
    it. I have never seen Cesar Millan punish an animal as a means of
    correction. I have never seen Cesar Millan get angry at an animal. He often
    is called in to deal with animals that are about to be put down because of
    their out-of-control aggressive behaviors. Cesar saves their lives and this
    is the thanks he gets! Grow up.

  2. I will never understand people who think that negative
    reinforcement/punitive methods are not only okay, but the best/only way to
    train an animal.
    Just makes you wonder why they got an animal in the first place? “I want a
    loving companion, but if he crosses me I’m going to physically threaten
    Great leadership isn’t forceful – sure, if I know you’re going cause me
    discomfort if I don’t do what you say, I’m going to do it. But if I know
    you are going to reward me every time I do something right (or DON’T do
    something I really want to do but which you don’t like) then I’m going to
    do it AND I’m going to do it because I want to. I just don’t see why anyone
    using outdated methods wouldn’t be jumping at the chance to try a less
    stressful way of doing things!

  3. This critique (Of Caesar Millan) is somewhat misplaced, since leadership,
    pack mentality and dominance are terms used in the context of dog
    psychology, NOT dog training. You seem so caught up your crusade against
    applying inherited behavior of dogs, that your arguments makes absolutely
    no sense. The dogs you use as examples in your videos have not developed
    any mental problems, you prove nothing. Make a video using dogs with the
    problems Caesar encounters, with the same results, and I’ll be all ears,
    until then, show some respect for those who knows more and have developed
    better skills than you. 

  4. I have watched several videos, I follow tab’s training method and even he
    believes in positive reinforcement. I like your videos and your method of
    training. My GSD is 4 months old. I wish I could watch your videos way
    before he turned 4, but I know its not too late, I can still train him all
    the tricks, so far so good. My GSD responds pretty well. I believe in the
    laws of nature.. “If you want a dog to behave like Humans do, then we
    humans should learn to be like dogs, that’s like being in their shoes and
    see the world through their eyes. I remember the last time I behaved like
    one, when my GSD took a good bite outta my hand, in return, I bit him back
    to let him know what it felt like 🙂 Now he is finding ways & means to
    target my nuts, so far I’ve managed to save my jewels by having my legs
    crossed. If he ever gets his teeth on em, I’m not too sure ill do the same
    in return, for now im looking forward to more videos to counter this.

  5. i dont get it… is this a parody of cesar millan or something?? cuz if it
    is its a good one…. i laughed my ass off.. XD XD.

    but if you are serious then the person who posted this video literraly has
    no clue about dog behavior…

  6. This isn’t right and you are not right. If you notice a pack of dogs
    there’s always one leader that the other dogs follow. So I think Cesar
    Millan is demonstrating this fact. Dogs bark in the home because humans
    don’t train dogs when to stop unwanted barking. You are using the wrong
    words against Mr. Cesar Millan, and that’s not right. Dogs respect any
    human that have consistent calm assertive behavior.. I think it’s wrong to
    characterize Mr. Millan or any other behavioral dog trainer in this
    fashion. Your skill or way of training dogs is a calm but gently assertive
    emotion you project and dogs respond to that. This is the same way Mr.
    Millan does.. He is primarily working with dogs that have bitten their
    owners and have bitten other humans; basically aggressive dogs. Did you
    know that most of His behavioral training is also in many many accredited
    animal behavior textbooks? Please get your facts together.. I don’t see Mr.
    Millan mentioning your method of training in his show or on his YouTube
    channel.. As a matter of fact in most of his shows he tell dog owners to do
    what works but do it in a calm assertive way. Finally, when a dog pin
    another unbalanced dog to the ground, he is simply communicating to that
    pinned dog “to please calm down” and most mother dog use dominance with
    her puppies when they are misbehaving; first she uses a soft low growl,
    then she will nudge them with her nose then last resort is to nip at them
    to control them and train her puppies.. So do what works for you and after
    all millions of dog owners are happy with him. I’ve used his methods on my
    neighbor dogs and most are amazed at the dog’s change in behavior in a
    positive way. Cesar Millan is against intimidation and cruelty.. So please
    I beg you if you want followers to understand you, don’t hate on someone
    that is trying to help dogs, and has rescued hundreds of unwanted dogs.. He
    also gives his money and time to shelters here in the United States and
    Europe, Mexico, Asia and he continue to help rehabilitate unwanted
    behavior, aggressive/biting behavior and dogs with spinning issues, fear
    issues. He works hard to match dogs with the right humans. You may not
    agree with his methods but please don’t hate on him.. I don’t think he’s
    wasting time hating on you and your methods. Respectfully saying: thank

  7. Emily –
    I have a female dog who humps other dogs. (She humped me the other day..)
    She is spayed. I looked online and most sources suggest that a spayed
    female dog like mine would hump to express dominance.

    I agree with everything you say in this video, but I’m a little confused.
    You said dominance exists in the wild. You said that humans should not
    train their dogs by trying to be dominant over them. But are you saying
    that dominance does or does not exist in the mind of the domestic dog?

    Is this behavior actually her trying to be dominant over other dogs and me?
    If not, then what is it? Why would a female dog be doing that? And how can
    I stop this behavior?

    My dog is 13 months and I have never tried using dominance techniques with
    her, although I have said no or eh eh in the past and am sometimes forceful
    with her. I am trying my best to stop doing those things.

    I fully believe in your training techniques which is why I’m coming to you
    for help.

    Thank you.

  8. Oh my god I used to like your videos but now you have lost all of my
    respect. The methods you have shown to establish dominance is completely
    wrong and highly dangerous. Please watch the show THE DOG WHISPERER
    carefully full episodes and not youtube cuts.
    The type of dominance you mentioned in this video was used by the army
    decades ago and is no longer in use. Dominance training has a whole knew
    meaning now.
    P.S. All those saying cesar got bit and kicked a dog on the ribs, please
    watch the full episode and not a youtube video that criticizes him. I am
    not asking you to follow his methods but to merely watch the full episode
    without being judgmental. He doesn’t use the stupid old fashioned dominance
    method used in this video. And by the way He did kick the dog on the ribs
    when it bit him , but now the dog is living a calm and happy life and his
    owners are happy unlike the dog victoria stillwell (a positive
    reinforcement trainer) KILLED.

  9. i actually think she’s trainned her dogs pretty good. They seem very happy
    and behave in social environment… I think you cant ask much more than

  10. I LOVE this video. Dominance training is such BS. Dogs don’t even form
    packs naturally, so the idea of an “alpha” to whom everyone submits and
    listens unconditionally is a foreign one to dogs. Anyone who says
    differently better have the science to back it up or go home.

  11. This is the 2nd video of yours I’ve watched & I’m impressed. I had the
    wrong idea about you. I will watch all now. 

  12. To those saying you need to be a dominant leader over an animal bred more
    than 15000 years to work with humans..
    Kikopup is infact a leader to her dogs. Positive reinfocement training is
    being a leader with out force. You’re showing the dog that you are their
    leader by teaching them how to work with us, exactly what they’re bred to
    do. People use force on dogs because they get too frustrated because they
    expect the dogs to speak our language. People want to force their language,
    their brain power, on a being that speaks a different language that has
    different ways of understanding than we do.
    Its a shame to read obnoxious people’s comments on here saying you need to
    force a dog into behaving. There are many children that were never spanked
    that grow up to be wonderful people. You wouldn’t put a contraption that
    spanks a kid every time they misbehave in public, but you’ll put a prong
    collar on a dog because you like the thought of hurting a dog into
    kikopup, please continue to post these incredible videos. You, Zak George
    and Training Positive are amazing people who will make a difference. Thank

  13. The Faq did I just watch? This was surely entertaining, but I’ve trained my
    dog rather differentley.
    Just by staring him down, and taking him down whenever he got too
    aggressive when he was younger, and bam. An obidient partner he turned out
    to be. 

  14. Theory is right in a way but practice is totally crazy. I think these dogs
    used in these video kind of fed up with bothering with the person, says
    “she is crazy and we do not have any other option! What are we gonna do!
    Move out to our own place!”

    If you really wanna train a dog, just watch wolf packs. I mean all life and
    habits of them and try to do same alpha behavior. But remember that; In a
    wolf pack it is not only the dominant one becomes pack leader! Most
    smartest, strongest, reliable, respected, balanced, calm, assertive etc
    one becomes alpha!

    If you are unbalanced, aggressive, have personality disorder etc. issues,
    dog never gonna accept you as an Alpha! All its gonna do is do whatever
    he/she want, when ever she/he gets a chance, will look like he/she obeys
    your rules but not in reality!. In reality, it is a slave that acts like it
    listen to you because he/she does not have any other option in that moment!

    So as soon as dog gets a chance; (Depends of the personality and breed of
    the dog) it will attack people, run away, bite, pee, attack people or other
    animals, try to dominate other dogs and get involved in a fight in dog
    parks etc. goes more and more! Dogs with strong body and strong mind even
    may attack owner or relatives, friends etc. of the owner.

    I am 36 and grown up with playing stray dogs on the street (Millions of
    them In Turkey), I also do feed stray dogs in a group that feeds,, taking
    care of abandoned dogs in forests. I spent years in USA and UK (Adopted
    dogs, thousands of different dogs in different situations) I also had many
    Anatolian Shepherds (Kangals), which is the strongest, most dominant,
    fearless, largest breed that you can possibly find! Seen many vets, people
    calls themselves as “Dog Trainer”.

    After all that,what I can say is ” Cesar Millan” is the only person I seen
    so far that who has % 100 right way to communicate, train, rehabilitate
    dogs! His methods are % 100 accurate and right! Many be one or two times he
    lost his temper and over reacted so far! However, If you consider what kind
    of dogs he deal, the numbers extreme of the dogs and problems he solved,
    that is very very acceptable!

    So just try to understand Cesar properly and stop torturing these poor

  15. This Foul Asf. Dogs Have Feelings Too. Having Dominance is one Thing. But
    Scaring & humiliating Your Dog Is Another. 

  16. oh gawd the first scenes are funny!! I actually had a ‘animal behaviorist’
    tell me to do some of the stuff in the satire part.

  17. The dogs in the video seem happy and are well-trained dogs. The training
    was achieved with methods I am comfortable with and methods I enjoy using
    with my own dogs. There are LOTS of people like me who are not interested
    in using force, fear and intimidation to work with dogs. So, THANK YOU for
    posting. I am glad to know I am not alone. No matter what kind of training
    seems to be the most popular, there will ALWAYS be people like me who are
    interested in force-free training. It is not easy to change the minds of
    what people already think they know… It is like asking people to change
    their religion. To me, seeing is believing, so THANK YOU again 🙂 Your
    dogs are lucky to have you! 

  18. Do people not know the definition of the word “satire?”
    Here: Satire – the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose
    and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of
    contemporary politics and other topical issues.

  19. For those of you who give absolutely no merit to the concept of dominance
    in people-animal relations, please explain why a horse would allow a human
    to ride them; or why they would willingly gallop when given the signal.
    Sure they’ve been trained to do this, but what’s in it for the horse? It’s
    not like they get a treat every time they gallop. You could argue they get
    their food and shelter but so do many of the other farm animals. The
    REASON is because the human has proven themselves worthy of leadership to
    the horse. The horse respects them and sees them as their leader and
    protector. So when it comes to dogs, I think the concept of dominance is
    widely ill-defined and often wrongly executed. First off, before you bite
    my head off, let me say that I AM an advocate of positive reward training
    and AM NOT an advocate of physical abuse on any animal. However, that
    doesn’t mean I completely throw the idea of dominance and alpha status out
    the window. Everyone seems to think you have to pick a side and hold to
    the extreme; and the extreme in ANYTHING is never good. You really have to
    incorporate both concepts; and if you’re already really successful with
    your dog, you’re probably already incorporating both concepts, possibly
    without knowing it. I say this because this is how dogs work, period.
    It’s a mentality thing; a psychology thing. You can do all the training in
    the world and it’s not going to be near as effective if the dog doesn’t
    view you as their leader and protector. Being dominant over your dog, as
    it relates to this subject, does not mean you’re constantly intimidating
    them, or using physical force. The people who teach or use such methods got
    it wrong. But the alpha role IS a REAL thing in dog culture. Being the
    alpha in your dogs eyes means they respect you; they see you as their
    leader and protector. THAT’S what is in it for them; THAT’S why they
    follow your commands and rules long term.

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