How To Potty Train A Puppy – Introduction to Housetraining

A basic tutorial on how to potty train your puppy at home. Connect with me here: ♥ Blog {} ♥ Tumblr {http://www.farisjacly…

25 comments on “How To Potty Train A Puppy – Introduction to Housetraining

  1. It really depends on the breed! Look at other breeders and their price for
    the same breed. A breeder who is knowledgable: One who can show you the
    parents, gives you the dog’s old food to help mix with the old. In good
    living conditions. Health of parents are good. Ask about any diseases in

  2. For sure! And I’m creating a video about that so stay tuned! Tip: When he
    is chewing on something he isn’t supposed to chew on, correct it by
    stopping the puppy and giving him a toy he CAN chew on. Kongs are great.
    Look for teething toys. Damp rag that you freeze in the freezer is great
    too for teething dogs.

  3. I’m glad that you made an episode about training and explained why. I hope
    many people use this method.

  4. Yes! Same exactly way, take your dog to the specific spot when he’s ready
    to go to the bathroom (After a meal, play, ect) and try to use a word like
    Go potty! to encourage the dog to remember that command and go to the
    bathroom! 😀

  5. Nice vid, but if u have hard water that vinegar solution could actually
    make your dogs pee wreak even more especially if it’s in carpet. Just
    thought I’d throw that in there. No pun intended I promise. I’m actually
    potty training my pup and it’s NO picnic! Lol. Hope she catches on soon. 

  6. How about a 12 weeks old puppy? That comes from a kennel in a apartment
    were she never got out? So se still pee inside 

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