Rottweilers Start Basic training

By the end of this session The Rottweilers looked like they went thru Basic Training or Infantry School. thanks to the voices of cadence. Contact me thru thi…

25 comments on “Rottweilers Start Basic training

  1. this is the best video ever ,they are so cute. ive got three rotts myself
    .but they are darling xxxx

  2. They are cute. I’m glad they get to play. Most breeders let puppies lay
    in their own fecal matter. Based on the title of your post, I expected to
    learn how you train a Rottie.
    Instead you provided a commercial for selling your puppies. 

  3. nice puppies i have one also. but with the most respect fuck u…i was
    really looking for a training….for the rest its pretty good

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