Rottweiler Training

Multi-V Rated Kingston Martin vom Bullenfeld BH, SchH1 20 months old November 14, 2010 Kingston is a German/Serbian bred Rottweiler currently training in Schutzhund, in Northern New Jersey….

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  1. lovely dog..perfect temperament..i had 2 rotties, they were moderately
    trained, the female killed the neighbours dog. The council euthanised both
    dogs, very sad day for the family

  2. I have to disagree. I have owned German Shepherds for 18yrs, and Rotts for
    22yrs. Rotts are equal or even smarter when trained properly.

  3. an amazing and Intelligently trained Dog .. So loyal also hats off to the
    trainer. I love Rotties even more now

  4. Mr. David;

    How are you sir? I keep watching your exiting videos and learning as I
    go, I will be making a video soon, I just wanted to tell you that …. Do
    you know how hard is to get a Schutzhund training around here in Texas?
    Really hard, it is like trying to find a nail in the woods. No too long
    ago like last week I just received a email after almost 8 months of
    waiting, I did responded back to PLEASE, let me go to their seminar, and
    they never emailed me back, I guess I will continue on my own and
    Sitmeansit in Belton Texas. what happen is that they do the same, the same,
    all ways and sometimes it get boring, it is not like your training that it
    looks like existed and people around you feeling that good Rottweiler
    enjoying the training with his owner, anyways, I will be not taking more
    of your time, thanks for you valuable time and keep putting good videos in
    the YouTube for me to continue the good motivation training, thanks, god
    bless, and have a great day.

  5. Alexis G Are you serious with those tails? Only dumb fucks would dock
    their dogsw tale. They look like genetically mutated cows, it’s disgusting.
    The rottie looks like it’s been abused. The only reason you would dock
    your dogs tail is if you want him for pit fights, none other. Trimming the
    ears, you are a dumb shit…. docking the tail… YOu are a dumb fuck…

  6. Man, this is amazing… I as a 12 months old rott owner, really loved this
    vid. This is exactly the best video that i’ve ever met on youtube. I am
    really very much appreciated that you or the owners didnt let it cut off
    tail or the ears. Thank you very much bro, thank you very much.. This
    animal love is really different that everyone can understand.. Thumbs up
    forever. Greetings from Turkiye

  7. awesome dog man..I really love the fact that you didn’t really cut off the
    tail on the rottie. I have a german rottie 1.5 years old and she has her
    tail too. Nice Video BTW>

  8. Awesome. Honestly one of the best rottweiler training videos on YouTube.
    When my husband said he wanted a rottie I am against it. But now…I
    wouldn’t change a thing. They are the most loyal, smart and cuddly dogs.
    Our just figures out the perks of cuddling and both me and my husband are
    over the moon, since we thought he’ll never like to cuddle;)

  9. nice thats what a rottweiler needs straight leader and work to do and love
    of course 😉 greetings from germany

  10. Why don’t they dock tails anymore for Rotties, they look better that way? 

  11. Dave me and my grandson are watching your vidios. What a trainer you are!!!
    Question do you train in German? As a old 62 yr Hispanic was thinking of
    training our Rott’s in Spanish. I love your vid’s Wish you would have a
    more step by step vid but that’s ok. There fun. Had our first littler and
    kept 3 for the family. Planning on retiring next you and devoting the rest
    of my life training our Rotts. Oh by the way one of my pups went to the
    Force Academy , training for bombs. Great job Dave.

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