25 comments on “My 7-Month Old Golden Retriever (wide screen)

  1. Does anyone know where I can get a Golden Retriever or German Shepard? I
    live in Ohio and cant find any :(.

  2. when i heard her saying faster! faster!…aww…can you teach your dog in

  3. Hello, fellow bisaya. Kung naa ka extra golden retrievers for sale I’ll be
    glad to buy one. Maayo jud ni nga mga breed ba. sooo cute. :))

  4. Hey, you’re Filipino!!! Are you in the country? Just wondering if you train
    dogs professionally and if not, any ideas for good training schools for
    dogs? I’m about to get my Golden Retriever pup 1st week of Dec and I would
    sure love to get her in training…

  5. When me and my dog play fetch he brings it back to me but doesn’t let me
    take it so were running around while I’m chasing him :/

  6. Good video! And I love Golden retrievers have one myself !Kk lavallee be
    quiet and stop commenting in the video, your so lame , people like you are
    so annoying ! 

  7. Shall I buy a & month old golden retriever or shall I buy a new born one?

    PS: It is my first dog ever!!!

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